11 best iPad apps to install first


So you’ve unboxed one of the best iPads and you’re ready to put it to the test. Sure, it can surf the web and receive your email, but Apple’s tablet can do a lot more than that, thanks in large part to the wonderful world of apps.

IPad has an exceptionally rich software ecosystem, and there are a ton of options that let you do anything you can imagine, from making movies and editing audio to gaming and, lastly, to weather checking. You know, just in case you need to tear yourself away from your iPad to get out.

Here are 11 great apps to energize your new iPad experience.

Good Notes ($ 8)

Good marks

(Image credit: Goodnotes)

Your average iPad is a bit smaller than the spiral notebooks many of us carried to school, but it’s a lot more useful, especially with the addition of a note-taking app like Good marks.

GoodNotes has a ton of power, letting you mix and match a variety of content types, including photos, type, PDFs, and most importantly, inputs from an Apple Pencil. There are a variety of tools available for drawing, such as different types of pens, and text written with the pencil is searchable, thanks to optical character recognition (OCR).

Document backup is supported through iCloud, and syncing means you can access your notes on other platforms as well: Convenient, GoodNotes is a universal app available on iPhone and Mac as part of the same purchase.

To download Good marks

Ferrite (Free, $ 30 in-app purchase to unlock all features)


(Image credit: Ferrite)

If you are doing any kind of audio editing, Ferrite is the iPad app you absolutely need. In addition to enabling simple recording functionality via your iPad’s built-in mic or external audio hardware, this comprehensive audio editor supports multitrack audio and provides access to just about all common audio tools, including a equalizer, leveling and background noise reduction.

With Ferrite, you can create templates for recurring audio projects, letting you get all of your settings exactly the way you like them without having to painstakingly recreate them each time. If you have an Apple Pencil, you can also take advantage of Ferrite’s smart gesture-based interface to speed up editing even further. This is truly awesome software that gives desktop audio editors a run for their money.

To download Ferrite

Pixelmator Photo ($ 3.99)


(Image credit: Pixelmator)

IPadOS ‘Photos app may be fine for extremely basic settings, but for those who need to mess with a few pixels, look to Pixelmator Photo.

This powerful image editing software goes far beyond just adding filters to your images, with non-destructive color adjustment tools, Apple ProRAW format support on the latest models such as the iPhone 13 Pro, and even an almost magical ability to remove unwanted objects from photos – like the time someone walked into your family’s selfie background at the Grand Canyon. When it comes to photos, there’s not much that Pixelmator Photo can’t do.

To download Pixelmator Photo

Linea Sketch (Free; $ 9.99 / year, $ 0.99 / month, one-time purchase of $ 29.99)

Linea sketch

(Image credit: Linea Sketch)

IPad is a great tool for artists, especially when combined with Apple Pencil. The Iconfactory Linea sketch is simpler than many other drawing apps, but that simplicity has a virtue: it makes it even faster to get started and start drawing.

Despite the simplicity of Linea Sketch, it still offers plenty of features, such as layers, quick shape creation, watercolor effects, and even the built-in ability to record a timelapse of your drawings. Tools such as felt-tip pens, markers, and technical and artistic pencils can be mixed and matched to provide a variety of styles and techniques. Plus, adding custom backgrounds with optional paper grain helps give your work a realistic texture.

To download Linea sketch

Carrot Weather (Free; Unlock features starting at $ 4.99 / month, $ 19.99 / year)

Carrot weather

(Image credit: Carrot Weather)

Oddly, after more than a decade, the iPad still doesn’t have a weather app (although it does offer a widget that you can put on your home screen now). But for a more in-depth look at what’s going on in the weather world, check out Carrot weather.

Carrot Weather offers all the features you would expect from your weather app: support for different data sources (including popular home weather stations), rainfall alerts and maps for radar, cloud cover and satellite. On top of that, there’s a customizable card-based interface that lets you prioritize whatever info you want, a built-in mini-game, achievements, and a sassy robot with varying levels of snark. Looking at the forecast has never been so fun.

To download Carrot weather

PCalc ($ 9.99)


(Image credit: PCalc)

Speaking of missing apps, there are no calculators left on the iPad as of 2021. Of course, you can perform quick math operations through Spotlight, but for anything more complicated the undisputed champion is PCalc.

Whatever calculations you can think of, PCalc can probably handle them, from unit conversions to reverse Polish notation. There’s an unprecedented amount of customization, too: both aesthetic (over a dozen themes, a wide variety of fonts, and multiple color tone options) and functional (editable button layouts, custom functions, and support. many shortcuts).

And if that’s not enough, there’s a whole secret world built into the legendary About PCalc screen, but you haven’t heard it from me.

To download PCalc

Starwalk 2 ($ 2.99)

Star walk 2

(Image credit: Starwalk 2)

The iPad is a great learning tool for kids and adults alike, and one app that really opens up horizons – if you will allow me the expression – is Star walk 2.

Star Walk 2 helps you learn more about the galaxy around you, from teaching you how to find and identify constellations, to letting you see what the sky looked like at any point in history. Tap any object in the sky to learn more, from science to myth, or quickly find out which objects will be visible tonight. There’s even an augmented reality mode where you can overlay the night sky over your current surroundings.

To download Star walk 2

LumaFusion ($ 29.99)

Luma Fusion

(Image credit: Luma Fusion)

Your iPad might have a great camera for shooting videos, but what do you do with all those footage after you’ve shot them?

While Apple’s own iMovie offers basic video editing functionality on the iPad, to go beyond you’ll need the power of LumaFusion. With up to six video or audio tracks, along with color correction tools, video stabilization, and variable playback speeds, LumaFusion offers many features that you might find in a professional-level video editing suite for a fraction. Cost.

Create your own titles, add audio and video effects, and import footage from your photo library, cloud storage, or an external drive. When you have finished your masterpiece, export your project as a video file and share it with others.

To download LumaFusion

Cityscape ($ 4.99)


(Image credit: Townscaper)

Sure, editing videos, photos, and audio is cool, but sometimes you just want to kick back and relax. For a soothing getaway, discover Landscaper, a beautiful game that is about as stress free as it gets.

There is nothing pulling you over, and no real goal other than building the city of your dreams. Tap to add a small house or sidewalk, and keep pressing to make it larger, outward or upward. You can change the time of day and see what your city looks like at night or at sunset and that’s about it. But there is something totally relaxing about creating a giant castle or a small cottage without having to worry about a giant sea monster coming and destroying it.

To download Landscaper

The Room: Old Sins ($ 4.99)

The Old Sins Room

(Image credit: The Room Old Sins)

For those who like a little more puzzling in their gaming experience, The Room is among the best series available on iPad. These four games, including the most recent, The bedroom: old sins, make extensive use of the iPad’s touchscreen interface, forcing you to explore spooky environments, assemble and repair evil machines, and uncover the hidden truth of the universe.

A strange story weaves throughout the series, although you can play the games in more or less any order – and let’s be clear, once you play one, you’ll want to play them all.

To download The bedroom: old sins

Xbox Cloud Gaming ($ 14.99 / month)

Xbox cloud games

(Image credit: Xbox Cloud Gaming)

Once upon a time, you needed a console to play console video games, but not anymore – now you can play the best Xbox Series X games right on your iPad. All you need is a compatible Bluetooth controller, an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership, and the Xbox cloud games Web application. (Yes, due to Apple’s restrictive policies, it’s not available in the App Store.)

If you’ve been keen on playing Halo Infinite but just can’t get a new console, the iPad experience is surprisingly solid (although sometimes it depends on your network connection). Plus, unlike your console and HDTV, you can take it anywhere you go.

Use Xbox cloud games


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