17 secondary characters who totally stole the show

This is the energy of the main character for me.

Everything usually revolves around the protagonist, but every once in a while a supporting character steals the show. Here are 17 supporting characters from TV shows and movies that we have no choice but to endure.


Erica from Strange things


Erica – Lucas’ little sister – is a fan favorite for good reason. Her witty lines are second to none and she also plays a major role in helping the gang save the day. She’s a stage flight queen and she needs her own spinoff series ASAP.


Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy


Now I love Meredith Gray as much as the next person, but there’s no one like Miranda Bailey. She might have a tough exterior, but deep down she has a heart of gold and would do just about anything for anyone. She is the real star of Grey’s Anatomy and it’s a hill I’m ready to die on.


M’Baku from Black Panther

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M’Baku stole the show and stole my heart. He’s a gracious leader, a comedy genius, and a vegetarian – what more could a supporting character ask for?


Aunt Viv from The prince of Bel-Air


The original Aunt Viv ate and left absolutely no crumbs. While Will certainly had most of the limelight, she was a star in her own right. She was tough but fair, stimulating, inspiring, and incredibly classy. I think we can all agree that the show wasn’t the same without it. No shade for second Aunt Viv, but some shoes just can’t be filled.


Sacha of Gender / Life


Even though the writers definitely starred in the sassy black best friend trope with Sasha, she remains the friendliest character on the show. She’s assertive, career-oriented, and downright mean. Unlike Billie, Sasha never settled for less than she deserved and she also added some much-needed humor to the show.


Winston from New girl


Jess might be the main character, but Winston Bishop is certainly giving him what he pays for. He’s shameless himself at all times and you can’t help but love him. Winnie the Bish must be protected at all costs.


Mr. Moseby from The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody

disney channel

Mr. Moseby was still trying to restore order at the Tipton Hotel after Zack and Cody’s never-ending plans, and that made for a great TV. While every character on the show is undeniably funny, Mr. Moseby’s hysterical rants were often the highlight of every episode.


Dionne from Distraught

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Dionne is a fashion icon, a true friend of Cher, and the true star of Distraught in my humble opinion. She’s not only the wittiest character in the movie, but she’s career-driven, madly in love, and thriving in almost every way she can. This is Black excellence for me.


Captain Dickson of 22 rue du saut

Columbia Pictures / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

22 rue du saut would not have been the same without Captain Dickson. Ice Cube absolutely embodies the role of Jenko and Schmidt’s hilariously aggressive boss, proving that you really don’t need a lot of screen time to make a lasting impression.


Josie from Riverdale

The CW

Even with the Gargoyle King and Black Hood wreaking havoc, Josie is still the most memorable part of Riverdale for me. She has the voice of an angel and is one of the few characters who doesn’t look for trouble. She’s a no-fuss queen and we love her for it.


Frozone of The Incredibles

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Frozone is Mr. Incredible’s best friend, but he’s more than that. He’s the voice of reason, a good talker, and he has arguably the coolest superpower of all!


Jessica Pearson from Suit

American network

Jessica has the energy of a boss and I want to be her when I grow up (I grow up, but that’s not the point). She’s not afraid to put Mike and Harvey in their place when needed, and she single-handedly holds the whole business together. She is a powerhouse and a star in her own right.


Chidi from The right place


Of course, everyone’s favorite thinker, Chidi Anagonye, ​​deserves a mention. He’s by far the most relevant character on the show, and he’s effortlessly hilarious. Eleanor may be the main character but The right place would not have been all that Well without Chidi.


Street The hunger Games


Amandla Stenburg really got the mission when it came to playing Rue in the Hunger games. Considering that she had very little screen time, she had a huge impact. From teaching Katniss her whistle to the Mocking Jay to her last breath after being hit with a spear, she never failed to touch us. It’s been almost ten years since the movie came out and frankly, I’m still not over his death. She deserved better!


Taystee from Orange is the new black


Piper Chapman is a great protagonist but she has nothing on Taystee. She’s the happiest person in prison and you never get bored with her. Towards the end of the series, she is wrongly convicted of murder and through her we see just how corrupt the American justice system can be. Although painful to watch at times, Taystee stole every scene and honestly her back must be aching from wearing the show.


Susie from Rugrats


Most three-year-olds can barely walk straight, but Susie Carmichael cannot. She is wise beyond her (three) years and there is really nothing that she cannot do. Suzie is the only Rugrats who stood up to signify Angelica and she has become a true role model for other babies. Find yourself a friend like Susie.


Wilhelmina Slater from Ugly Betty


Wilhelmina Slater is the antagonist of the series, and very entertaining as well. She’s always open with her scathing remarks and we love to see it. Let’s not forget that she was desperate to make her dreams come true, including stealing semen from her ex-husband’s corpse and blackmailing her colleagues! Let’s face it, the show wouldn’t even have been so enjoyable without her.

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