2 SPs transferred as punishment for offensive remarks and for failing to prevent community violence

Bhupesh Baghel’s government on Friday took immediate action in an audio viral case in Chhattisgarh and promptly transferred Police Commissioner (SP) Balodabazar who was heard mistreating the officer in a viral audio clip.

In the viral audio, Agent Bramhanand Devangan was heard asking IPS officer Indira Kalyan Elesela to reconsider his request for detention from the official quarter. Meanwhile, SP remained adamant about his decision and said under no conditions would he accept the constable’s request.

Not only that, but SP Elesela also crossed the line during the conversation, breaking official discipline limits. The SP used offensive words for Chief Minister Baghel, DGP, IG and others.

The SP who was heard burning with rage advised the constable that it is better to divorce his wife, but he cannot reconsider his orders at any cost.

It is alleged that the officer entered the SP cabin with his mobile recorder on and recorded the entire conversation.

The offensive audio clip later went viral. In this context, the constable appeared before the media and confirmed that it was his voice and that of SP.

Hours after the incident, a copy of the order was issued by the Chhattisgarh government in which SP Elsela was transferred to the 11th Battalion of the Chhattisgarh Janjgir-Champa Police Armed Forces.

A police officer on the verge of anonymity said getting caught up in controversy was nothing new for Elsela. When he was Sukma’s SP during the Kalluri regime, he made a controversial statement that human rights activists must be cut short. roller.

In addition, the Baghel government also sent another SP on a punitive assignment. SP Kawardha Mohit Garg was transferred to the 14th Balod Battalion of the Chhattisgarh Police Armed Forces because they failed to end community violence in Kawardha, which allowed the opposition to raise an issue and to gain political advantage from it.

However, in the Balodabazar case, IPS Dipak Jha was named the new SP of Balodabazar and Lal Ummed Singh was named the new SP of Kawardha. Meanwhile, Parul Mathur was appointed SP of Bilaspur, Dharmendra Chawai was appointed SP of Bemetara and Jhaduram was appointed Gariyaband SP.

Posted on: Friday December 03, 2021 23:04 IST

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