40 years of promoting the norm

Stemas was founded by two engineers STEfano Cecchini & MASsimon Umbri, ergo Stemas was duly named, his personal identity and manufacturing ethic remain as intact today as they were when they started.

At first the company manufactured small scale sanding units, these basic units were later developed further into more sophisticated sanding systems dedicated to a high quality finish.

From these basic machines, more specialized and bespoke performance sanding and finishing equipment was developed. From these early “special machines” rests the basic DNA of Stemas and remains firmly today with the now well-established motto of the company – “special is our standard”.

“It was as easy a temptation to just follow the crowd as everyone else,” comments Angelo Glenn Onario, current CEO of Stemas, “in terms of producing nondescript and common standard woodworking machines, but Stefano and Massimo were made of stuff, they were old school, engineers… ”

Angelo continues: “They loved taking on the challenges and Stemas quickly established an enviable reputation as a specialist in special execution machines. They were going to visit clients, make idea sketches by hand, in which client could not get cost effective solutions from offered standard equipment, no AutoCAD at the time, all these machines have were created in the spirit and then drawn by hand! “

Stemas, whose reputation and staff grow from year to year, is largely due to the commitment of three of their senior executives: Angelo Glenn Onario (CEO), Marco Palazzi (Director of Service) and Roberto Baldelli (Director Automation) – they have all been invited to become shareholders on the occasion of their 25th anniversary and in recognition of their personal contribution to the growth of the company.

Over the years, the product line and problem-solving skills have grown exponentially and the skills of the workforce are renowned and widely recognized as unmatched in the machine manufacturing industry. wood in Italy – so much so that they are regularly invited to provide solutions even from their competitors!

In addition, the size of their clients has also increased, finding in Stemas not only a manufacturer of problem solving solutions, but also a very reliable supplier, with their machines running on multiple shifts and in many cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to the high quality of its design and the use of world class / first class components

With some of the world’s largest door manufacturers and panel converters as repeat customers year on year, Stemas has built long-term relationships with its customers over the past 40 years, all of whom are keen to achieve this advantage. commercial compared to their competitors. , which Stemas says simply cannot be achieved with standard machines.

Even amid the pandemic, Stemas responded to a call to arms from government and health authorities to help create a better and more reliable supply chain for face masks, Stemas and their partners produced one of the systems. manufacturer of the fastest and highest quality face masks in the world. Like vaccines, this system was designed and built in record time, several have been sold in the United States and still have orders pending.

“Specialized sanders are still part of the company, interior doors and door jambs, five-piece Shaker-style doors, windows, drawers, flooring machines,” explains Lorenzo Esposito, director of technical sales and marketing. “Although the woodworking industry remains a priority for Stemas, we are working with PVC and aluminum manufacturers and developing smart storage systems,” continues Lorenzo. “We have been nicknamed by a great figure in UK woodworking as the Tesla of the timber industry! “

The fastest weapon in the west

Innovation is the driving force behind Stemas, and they designed and developed what is now renowned as the world’s fastest capable fully automatic door routing and machining system, in its most complete execution as an operation. turnkey, it is capable of producing three finished doors in one munite *.

The Perfect Door system is designed as a modular concept, in which the line can be built in customized stages to meet the individual needs of the customer. FF = or for example, a fully automatic first stage system can produce a complete door in just over 45 seconds *

Perfect Door has some features that traditional door routers just don’t have, and neither can they be provided. For example, in essence it does not require a full time operator as it is a fully automatic / standalone line, it will “check the measurement” of the door before starting machining, it will “check the measurement” of the door. Will “talk” in real time to production planning and manufacturing managers.

Typically, door manufacturers will have between three and five and more traditional routers, with around seven or more operators in some cases, typically producing a door in four to seven minutes on average, which equates to between three and five doors on average. four to seven minutes combined with very high labor costs that eat into profits.

At the same time, the Perfect Door fully automatic complete line will produce between 12 and 21 doors with one man in partial assistance, increase productivity by 300% and achieve labor savings of 500-700%. With the perfect door, the fully automatic Step One line will produce around 13 to 20 doors with one man in part

In tandem with the Perfect Doors system, Stemas has been equally creative in manufacturing door jamb systems, from stand-alone lines to fully automatic lines.

Stemas has many such lines in Europe, particularly in Poland – which, moreover, seems to be becoming a major and dominant European force in terms of door and jamb manufacturing.


“Stemas recently took orders in the UK for a fully automatic Perfect door system and jamb lines as well as five-piece door machines,” says Angelo. “UK buyers of these Perfect Door systems will undoubtedly have a huge market advantage over their competitors and, as a result, will be able to enjoy a much more competitively priced product of much higher quality while maintaining very good health. margin and / or increase.

Comments Lorenzo: “The Perfect Door offering is now a very well established technology that has been proven around the world. routers and operating costs of the same Stemas become the most profitable system of a country mile.

Five-part door systems

Besides the production of interior doors, Stemas has also gained a very strong market position in the five-piece (Shaker style) door manufacturing industry, from stand-alone machines / prototyping to some of the fastest lines on the market today. ‘hui.

Five-piece door machines are a major focus for Stemas which supplies most of the major Italian kitchen door manufacturers. Double-sided Hybrid-Step machines combine two different feeding systems to allow different operations on vertical and horizontal elements: milling, chamfering, hot stamping, edge banding, trimming, drilling and dowelling up to 40 parts per minute.

“However, customers can also choose the flexibility of the Flexy-Suite,” explains Lorenzo, “which consists of a series of stand-alone machines to manage the production of uprights and rails from the cutting of bars to the gripper. assembly, for a production of up to 400 doors per shift with only three to five men!

This Flexy Suite allows the manufacturer of small and medium-sized kitchens to start producing five-piece doors, with the advantage of creating their own unique / bespoke doors, without having to have a very large and expensive inventory that collects dust, no longer having to “pay through your nose” for a special size door, no longer having to order a minimum quantity when only one door is needed, no more having to “order ahead” for stock and risk that this implies, and no longer be obsolete Stock.

“In most cases,” comments Angelo, “these machines allow entry into the market and typically payback in around 12-18 months. “

New developments

“All these current developments and ranges represent an important part of our activity, but this is not enough for the DNA of Stemas, continues Angelo, we are all constantly on the lookout for new challenges, which is why this year a new website www.edgesealing.com was launched ”.

The goal is to bring consolidated UV edge sealing technology to a larger scale worldwide. Over the past decade, Stemas has helped many customers across the world make the switch from MDF to chipboard with the edge quality ensured by such a process in Pro-Filling machines.

“The savings in material costs alone are off the Richter scale,” says Angelo, “in many cases a payback of less than a year, not to mention the savings in production and labor costs. work – for many machine builders this is special for Team Stemas. Standard.”

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