Admin Attempts Fail to Approve National Music Acts “ News”

Could AC/DC play Oswego? An investigation by village staff to bring regional and national music acts to the Orchard Road entertainment venue prompted more questions from Oswego Village Council this week.

But a village syndic had this proposal. Here is Administrator Kit Kuhrt’s dialogue with Oswego Village Assistant Administrator Christina Burns and Village Chairman Troy Parlier.

Meanwhile, the other five directors remained silent on Kuhrt’s proposal. Village attorney Karl Ottosen said a review was needed to see if a musical act contract over $25,000 would require board approval, citing that the agreement of the real interpreter is not required.

Julie Hoffman is the Village Community Engagement Events Coordinator.

The objective of the village is that the place and the shows become autonomous. It’s Parlier.

The venue’s lawn capacity is 4,000, staff said, adding adjacent parking for more than 10,000. Free Thursday concerts assume 600 people. The ticketed Saturday night events were given to 1,600 conservative people.

Oswego is using its general fund to launch the shows on site, Oswego Village Administrator Dan DiSanto said. This is necessary because seven of the 10 programs suffered special event fund financial losses totaling $40,000 last year, largely blamed on the Covid pandemic, staff said.

DiSanto told WSPY News that the additional general fund dollars came from increased online and local sales tax revenue over the past year. The objective of the village is that the place and the shows become autonomous.

Village President Parlier asked about insurance coverage if bad weather cancels a major act. The village staff is studying this option.

Under the major concert proposal, beer and wine sales to festival-goers are expected to generate $199,305 and $60,000 from ticket sales to help defray entertainment costs. The regional acts are expected to generate 21,266 in beer and wine sales. In addition, $16,000 in sponsorships are sought.

DiSanto says the village will handle ticket sales. Ticket prices for National Artist concerts are estimated at $20 with a likely National Series ticket package. Three dates are being considered, starting with June 11. Seven free concerts are scheduled on Thursday evenings.

Hoffman said national acts range from $35,000 to $100,000, more than Kuhrt thinks high for the site and event program that is so new, adding that the village can hit those numbers.

The village estimates the losses related to the cancellation of concerts at more than $3,000 for minor or major events. In the end, the village projects a total gain of $37,075 to $43,700 after expenses for a national act.

A car park or car project for 10,000 spectators was never mentioned by the six trustees or the village staff. DiSanto said existing grassy fields nearby could be used.

As for concerts, no acts have been signed or listed yet, though Parlier says tribute bands are an option.

The public works staff would be supplemented by the hiring of seasonal workers. Oswego Village attorney Karl Ottosen said the hiring of seasonal management and labor help would not affect the public works union’s contract.

Lease plans and contract agreements for the 1012 entertainment venue are in the final stages.

Eventually, the board gave consensus for the staff to continue.

You can listen to Mark Harrington’s radio story by clicking below:

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