Alexander McQueen helps London students launch artistic careers

Alexander McQueen is helping creative young students in East London thrive with his latest philanthropic project. The British fashion house is supporting A Team Arts Education, a community youth organization based in Tower Hamlets.

The center, which recently lost government support, teaches printing, painting and embroidery – among other skills and crafts – with the aim of helping young people who do not have access to the arts to embark on a career. career focused on creativity and design.

“We want to team up with them to do weekend classes and after school, and help people build a portfolio,” says Sarah Burton, Creative Director for Alexander McQueen. “We believe it is particularly important to be able to participate in supporting young people in the East End of London, where Lee Alexander McQueen grew up. In this house, we all know that talent comes from everywhere, regardless of its origin.

An artistic education team

Liam Leslie

Burton, who has served as the brand’s creative director for the past decade, has always taken a very inclusive and democratic approach to her work – especially in encouraging young students to explore the fashion industry. The top floor of the McQueen Bond Street store is an ‘experiential space’ dedicated to promoting creativity, where workshops covering everything from pattern cutting to fashion history and communications are held for schools and colleges.

“It is vital that people have access to creativity, especially children,” Burton tells us. “A lot of it has been taken out of schools, and people don’t see it as a career. But fashion is a huge industry in this country. It’s an amazing melting pot. What if you’re really brilliant with it. computers, or good at math, you could come and work here. I want to reach out to the younger ones and tell them that’s a possibility. Even if you don’t want to do this job, I think music and creativity are so important to your soul. “

sarah burton alexander mcqueen

David Burton

For the past 10 years, A Team Arts Education has collaborated with Insights in Central Saint Martins – where Burton and Lee McQueen both studied and met – to help students access and advance to college. The graduates of the organization have gained international fame in the fields of fashion, design and art.

Over the next year, Alexander McQueen will financially support A Team Arts Education, as well as facilitating workshops and classes. Live experiences with the design, textile and embroidery professionals of the brand will be structured as part of the “Explore Program”, the organization’s introduction to the paths of fashion, textiles and art. and design.

sarah burton alexander mcqueen

Liam Leslie

sarah burton alexander mcqueen

Liam Leslie

For more information about A Team Arts Education and its workshops and programs, visit

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