Allianz Stadium turf ready to roll for the NRLW opener at Moore Park

It’s a journey that began 12 months ago and 60 kilometers from its final destination.

When NRLW players from the St George Illawarra and Sydney Roosters play their first competitive game at the new Allianz Stadium on September 2, they will run on almost 10,000 square meters of turf prepared to withstand the rigors of elite professional sport.

The new site will host league, rugby and football matches, as well as music concerts, which presents particular challenges for Evergreen Turf suppliers.

“Soccer and rugby league are not too harsh on the surface,” Evergreen Turf manager Graeme Colless said. “Rugby union is the toughest because they wear the biggest cleats.”

A thick turf, called Matrix Ready to Play, which has been rolled out in the new stadium, has also been contracted for Sydney Cricket Ground, Accor Stadium and Sydney Showground Stadium.

Matrix turf was first used at SCG for the 2014 Major League Baseball home opener.

At Allianz Stadium, the turf is made up of a species of grass called Santa Ana Couch which has been overseeded with ryegrass. Next door at SCG, the turf includes a species called Legend Couch.

Quackgrass, which is a warm-season species, tends to withstand scrambles better, and ryegrass is a cool-season grass with a high shade tolerance.

While turf is designed for high-demand stadiums and elite field applications, Evergreen has more sitting on the sidelines in case the turf gets torn.

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