APG Ohio / Michigan Papers Are Small But Powerful in Best of Adams 2021 | News

After a challenging year, Adams Publishing Group reporters rose to their feet and achieved their ambitious individual goals, which resulted in the APG Ohio / Michigan markets being recognized in the annual Best of Adams 2021 publication.

The post included categories of articles, local news, sports and outdoors, COVID-19, local business, data and surveys, special reports and editorials.

APG’s Ohio / Michigan markets, which include The Circleville Herald, The Pike County News Watchman, The Athens Messenger, The Athens News, The Logan Daily News, The Perry County Tribune, The Gladwin Record & Clarion, The Vinton Jackson Courier and The Defiance Crescent-News, several newspapers were recognized for their work chosen in particular categories.

In the local news category, The Athens Messenger was the only APG Ohio / Michigan star with their story highlighted, “Missing Athens County teenager escaped reported sexual abuse, family of the “cult” type.

The 20th anniversary of September 11, 2001 resulted in a special release from APG Ohio / Michigan – a group effort in the region. Together, as part of a project led by Corinne Colbert, Editor-in-Chief of Athens News, APG Ohio / Michigan was highlighted for its special “9/11: One Day, Twenty Years” print.

More Notable Stories Published APG Ohio / Michigan articles that were not selected for the title have been listed for individual recognition.

The Athens messenger had listed his local news article as “Republicans leaked audio of Patterson denigrating progressives at private GOP lunch.”

The Athens News ran two notable articles, both in the local news category: “Where’s Deb Shaffer, Chief Financial Officer of Ohio University?” No one will say “and” Council rejects attempt to speed up the hiring of the APR Director, with some citing “frustration” with the process. “

The Circleville Herald had an article billed as a remarkable story, a profile story from one of their Education Week editions, “Keeping it clean: Custodian is proud of his work.” “

The Pike County News Watchman had also highlighted a feature: “It’s never too late to graduate.”

In Michigan, The Gladwin Record & Clarion had two stories marked as newsworthy. Their report, “Strong roots” was listed, as well as their local report, “Restoration of the lakes”.

From New Lexington, Ohio, the Perry County Tribune also had two remarkable stories. “Fighter touches gloves with fans” was a feature choice and a local news pick was “the author of” Hillbilly Elegy, “a Senate candidate visits Perry County. “

Adams Publishing Group vice president of content, Traci Bauer, spoke about APG’s goals for 2021 and how APG journalists have worked to achieve them.

“We entered 2021 with the hope of a better year. All over the world, better would mean striving to beat the pandemic. Across the country, that meant moving to the other side of an election and the consequences that followed, ”she said.

“APG reporters brought home these two issues and many other global and national stories with a local context and perspective. However, our work was far more important than two giant issues that hundreds of journalists around the world were covering.

“We focused on Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and Boise, Idaho, and Athens, Ohio, and the hundreds of other places where APG reporters monitor, tell compelling stories, and help our communities navigate what’s going on. closer to home. “

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