Apple’s latest devices have been announced

Apple’s latest devices have been announced. The big breakthrough is the ability to send emergency messages via satellite to your iPhone

It’s a game-changer for anyone who goes outdoors, boating, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking – now if you get lost, injured or just need emergency assistance, you’ll be able to Send a message.

How it works. You try to call 911 and if there is no signal, you will be given the option to send a message via satellite. You won’t type the message, you’ll follow a series of prompts to indicate the type of situation you’re in and the assistance you need. Sending will take about 15 seconds, longer if you are under trees.

The technology uses satellite technology covering almost anywhere in the United States or Canada that can see the sky.

It’s more than just an investment in phone technology. Reuters reports that it has spent $450 million on satellite infrastructure and set up an emergency operations center to contact emergency services on your behalf.

Apple says it will be free for the first two years and plans to make it a global service.

The “always on” display

Now on iPhone. Android fans will shout that they’ve had this feature for years – which is true. Apple has taken the extra step to allow your iPhone’s background to be displayed as well, which means the entire screen is always on. It uses specialized screen technology that allows each pixel to be controlled individually, including its brightness.

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