Audio Integrated Circuits and Audio Amplifiers Market Forecast to 2028 –


Continuing technological innovations in the semiconductor industry, the growing demand for high-performance home theaters, and the penetration of the Internet of Things (IoT) are the other major factors driving the adoption of consumer electronics devices.

Many smart devices come with voice assistance and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, which adds to their popularity with consumers. towards multifunctional devices, all coupled with increasing per capita income of populations are among the key factors driving sales of AI-based smart speakers, which are fueling the growth of audio integrated circuits and amplifiers market audio.

Which would contribute to the growth of the market. For example, the development of gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors has enabled manufacturers to offer high performance home theater systems, with lower production costs.

The continuous technological innovations in home audio systems, the growing popularity of high performance home theaters, are among the main factors that are driving the demand for smart electronics products. In addition, the growing adoption of smart and wireless infrastructure along with a growing demand for high fidelity (Hi-Fi) audio systems in commercial settings is another factor driving the demand for integrated circuits and audio amplifiers.

Declining raw material supply from various manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, due to reduced production and trade activities, restricts the growth of audio integrated circuits and amplifiers market audio. In addition, the audio integrated circuits and audio amplifiers market players are facing challenges to meet the demand due to the stoppage of business operations in recent months, lower production of various components, as well as supply chain restrictions.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted economic progress and disrupted supply chains in many countries. It has hampered the performance of industries such as energy, aviation, food and beverage, chemicals, retail and e-commerce, and travel and tourism.

However, the market has started to pick up speed since 2021, with both demand and supply sides resuming activity.

The audio integrated circuits and audio amplifiers market is segmented on the basis of audio integrated circuit type, audio amplifier class, and geography. Based on the type of audio integrated circuit, the market is segmented into A / D converter integrated circuit, processor integrated circuit, amplifier integrated circuit, D / A converter IC, and others.

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  • Audio Integrated Circuits and Audio Amplifiers Market Forecast to 2028 –
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