Canadian viewers were left without sound for part of the show

Well tonight Big Brother 24 contained a twist that no one would expect, at least for viewers watching the show in Canada.

Tonight’s Veto show kicked off and for the first five or six minutes there was a fairly widespread problem with the sound; or, to be precise, there was no sound at all. We ended up with what was a strange ringing noise for much of the entire start of the show.

Will this continue? We’ll have more updates, but this issue might cause viewers to have to wait for an on-demand release or something online after the fact. We’ll provide at least some context on what happened in the episode below, and we’ll offer an update on the global situation when we have it. (Strangely, the commercial breaks still have sound, and the CBS version in the US is fine.)

The first segment was mostly what you’d expect from this show — a long recap of the previous episode, and then a segment showing how some of the women were getting mad at Taylor. Apparently her walk around the house in disguise (her final outfit) made her a target because she wanted attention. Seriously? Playing the game is about getting attention and building relationships; that’s one of the reasons we’ve been so frustrated this week.

Meanwhile, Michael spent time trying to socialize following his nomination. He knows he is a target right now and that the Veto is essential to his future.

Veto Players

Head of Household Daniel and the nominees (Michael and Terrance) entered the competition. They were joined by Turner, Ameerah and Indy. Michael was trying to brag after the fact, and he asked a very important question: WWJD, or what would Janelle do.

The competition

It was on the theme of a joust! Or, collect rings as part of it. The competition was played out in a series of “fights”, with Indy defeating Turner first. From there, Ameerah hit Terrance. Then Daniel lost to Michael at the end of the first round.

Round 2 focused on Ameerah beating Indy and then we had the final round. (Wait, why did Michael automatically advance there?) It doesn’t matter since Michael won the Veto. He is safe!

The following

Much of this revolved around Paloma, who launched allegations that she was going after guys in a smear campaign against Taylor, who weren’t giving her the information she wanted. A lot of guys mistakenly got the impression that Paloma was the more genuine of the two and bought her performance.

To finish…

The sound is fixed! About ten minutes into the episode, the Global feed started playing audio right in the middle of Taylor’s “lie” that wasn’t accurate at all.

As people who have watched the streams will know, Taylor has been named the replacement candidate.

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Did you experience the sound issue with Big Brother 24 tonight?

Be sure to share in the comments now! Once you do, come back for more updates you don’t want to miss. (Picture: CBS.)

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