Configure Brave Browser to display all articles in reader mode

Most Internet browsers support the reader mode feature, designed to improve the readability of articles. Firefox, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi and many other browsers support reader mode functionality by default. Chrome, the most widely used desktop browser, also supports it, but it’s disabled by default.

Reader mode has different names depending on the browser used. Reader mode is common, but you may also come across the names Reader View or Immersive View.

All have in common that they remove elements from web pages that are not linked to the main article; this may include navigational elements, advertisements, sidebar content or user comments.

The majority of player modes require manual activation, either by clicking an icon in the browser toolbar or via keyboard shortcuts.

Brave Browser includes an option to automatically switch to reader mode for any articles you come across. Lists of articles on Ghacks, for example, are not displayed in read mode, but when an article is opened, it is displayed automatically.

Brave notes that it uses a technique that modifies the page before it downloads, which saves bandwidth and loading time. The automated nature of the mode in Brave gives it this advantage over the functionality of other browsers, as it is necessary to activate the mode manually in most browsers.

Activate reader mode

brave speed drive mode

Reader mode can be enabled for specific websites in Brave. Clicking on the reader mode icon in the browser’s address bar displays the option to do so. You can use the same menu to disable reader mode for a specific site, if the feature is enabled for all sites.

Reader Mode Setup

brave speed drive setting

Reader mode automation settings are provided in the browser preferences:

  1. Load brave://settings/appearance into the browser address bar to open appearance settings.
  2. Scroll down until you find the Speedreader preference on the page.
  3. Toggle it on or off.

When you enable it, Brave automatically loads all articles in reader mode. You can then use the address bar icon to disable it for specific sites.

Reader mode implementations can display unnecessary content when invoked in the browser, and none support options to change behavior on some sites. However, they significantly improve accessibility in some cases.

Now you: Are you using reader mode in the browser of your choice?


Configure Brave Browser to display all articles in reader mode

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Configure Brave Browser to display all articles in reader mode

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Learn how to configure reader mode in the Brave web browser to automatically load articles in readability mode.


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