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The modern grid must offer agility, security and regulatory compliance, and open up new service activities for you. To achieve this, you will need a responsive two-way network, which optimizes voltage for big energy savings and automates isolation and fault recovery to reduce the number of customers affected by outages.

Building a responsive grid is a balancing act. A variety of smart grid devices need to be connected to the production control center, high and low voltage substations, distribution assets and service fleet.

Each device has varying operational and technical requirements, as well as varying protocol support and compliance needs, forcing you to balance their different access technologies.

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Often, each new device comes with its own siled network, which adds cost and complexity to the network design. Since no one vendor was able to meet all access, operational, and technical requirements, organizations used multiple networks with different vendors. However, DIY solutions like this are difficult to deploy, maintain, and manage at scale – and as more assets connect to these networks, the threat surface expands even further. .

To balance these requirements, operational systems must be unified on a single secure IP network. And who better to do it than the world leader in IP networks.

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Solving these important challenges is what motivated the development of Cisco’s new portfolio, ‘Unite your advantage‘.

This new portfolio is designed for harsh industrial conditions and takes the best of Cisco’s enterprise technology and our extensive industry knowledge base and brings them together in a portfolio specifically designed for your utility use cases. It is modular, which makes it easily scalable in the future, and offers many great features including built-in cybersecurity, edge computing, and SD-WAN support.

  • Cisco Catalyst® IR1101 Integrated Services Industrial Router is our most compact router, providing secure connectivity for critical industrial use cases. It is well suited for renewable energy production sites (solar, wind) and low voltage substation automation, as well as remote asset management for a variety of utility use cases. . for a variety of utility use cases.
  • Cisco Catalyst IR1800 Rugged Series Routers. For field teams, this rugged, high-performance router integrates with the service fleet to provide a high-bandwidth cellular link and deliver valuable telemetry information to operations. These 5G cellular routers have a modular design and support for Wi-Fi 6. With high bandwidth and speed, they let you create smooth experiences and improve efficiency.
  • Cisco Catalyst IR8100 Heavy Duty Routers. Outdoor ready, the IR8100 series is IP67 rated for dust and water protection and designed for extreme temperatures; it goes with you wherever you need it, and it’s fully modular and scalable, from 5G to future CPU, storage and power needs.
  • Cisco Catalyst IR8300 Rugged Series Router. For high-voltage substation automation, this ultra-high performance router meets both routing and switching needs as one of the industry’s first fully integrated, industrial-grade switching and routing platforms. Cisco. Enhanced security, including Cisco Unified Threat Defense and the visibility available on Cyber ​​Vision for Industrial Control System (ICS), takes zero trust to a whole new level. As a precision sync source, it keeps your field assets in sync and its utility is certified (IEEE1613 and IE61850) to ensure compliance and reliability.
  • Cisco IoT gateways. Monitoring field equipment, such as electric vehicle charging stations or back-up batteries, lowers operating costs. Cisco IoT gateways provide cloud-based management tools for the installation effort to provide simple and essential connectivity for large-scale assets. They offer low up-front costs with an affordable monthly cloud subscription. Gateways take only a few minutes to deploy with minimal IT support. Day-0 setup is quick: plug in and turn on, with no staging required.

With our new routing portfolio, you can have a unified architecture for all of your diverse edge use cases, from headquarters to remote edges. The same rich features and the same robust security models throughout your business – from your campuses and branches to substations, connected assets on the go and beyond.

Now utilities can securely connect their edge with the agility they need to reduce outages, integrate renewables to meet the latest compliance regulations, while improving network resilience and efficiency. Want to know more about the new routing portfolio?

Watch our Unite the edge video below to see how we can help you.

Author: Henri Teichert

Henry Teichert works in product marketing at Cisco, where he enjoys showing customers how technology can help solve their problems. When he’s not talking about industrial networking, Henry enjoys driving electric cars and making his own refill coffee to pour.


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