Corrie’s Sally Carman congratulates her fiance Joe Duttine for his stunt support

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street ‘s Sally Carman thanked her co-star and fiance Joe Duttine for supporting her throughout her Super Soap Week stunt.

Abi Franklin will fight for her life next week when her revenge plan against Seb’s killer Corey Brent causes them both to fall into the sewers below Weatherfield because of the sinkhole.

Such a massive stunt must have been difficult to film, but Sally was able to count on Joe Duttine (aka Tim Metcalfe) to give her a bit of TLC after each rough day on set.


“To be honest there was one night I walked in he’s so good,” she said. Digital spy and other media. “He always has tea brewed, and there was one night I was particularly freezing cold, I was like ‘I’m so cold’ and I walked in and he arranged my pajamas and slippers and my robe. room and run me a big hot tub and I put some salt in it and made me a cup of tea.

“Oh, that was so sweet! So yeah, he’s brilliant, he’s awesome.”

These physically and emotionally demanding episodes of Super Soak Week will close a year that Sally has described as the most stimulating and fulfilling of all. Coronation Street.

“It has been an absolutely brilliant year overall,” she said. “I had a covid halfway which was horrible, I was really in pain but what it did was it highlighted how lucky I am to have my health and a so brilliant job and such brilliant friends and working with such a fantastic company on the best show in the world.

abi franklin in coronation street


“It’s just great and doing a script like this and having such great comments and having the opportunity to have the scenes that I was able to do and have these brilliant words to. say, i feel so lucky and i really don’t take it is fantastic and whatever happens in the future i will always have this moment so yeah i feel really, really lucky. ”

Sally also touched on the recent non-marketing agreements, where Coronation Street Co-star Mollie Gallagher selected her to take home the award for Best Serial Performance.

“The thing is, Mol didn’t think for a second that she was going to win it and I remember when I was getting off in the cab, I said ‘Mol, you could very easily win this’ and she said ‘No, no way, I’m just very happy to be invited’ and there was no false modesty, she really had no idea, “Sally recalls.

Abi Franklin and Corey Brent in Coronation Street


“So when she won I looked at her and it took about two seconds and then she just realized and oh I could only be happy for her she worked so hard and she lives and breathes this character .She brings Nina home with her too, while I don’t, I mean I’m tired of working and I have to learn my lines and everything, but Abi ends when I do my homework, but for Mol, she wears it you know, she feels it.

“She won this absolutely fair and square award, so I’m only thrilled for her, she’s gorgeous and she deserves it.”

Coronation Street aired on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

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