Dashlane launches built-in passkey support for Password Manager with new in-browser passkey solution

Password management provider Dashlane has announced the introduction of built-in passkey support in its password manager, unveiling an in-browser passkey solution to help solve the password problem. stolen/abused passwords. The launch comes as the era of ‘passwordless authentication’ draws closer with tech giants Apple, Google and Microsoft set to bring it to millions of smartphone and desktop users. laptops in accordance with the recommendations of the Fast IDentity Online Alliance (FIDO).

Access key support includes secure sharing, access control, and multi-device synchronization capabilities

In a blog post, Dashlane wrote that the launch of passkey support in its password manager is the natural evolution of its offerings and tied to its mission to simplify security for organizations. and their employees. “The biggest security problem today stems from stolen logins – over 80% of breaches occur as a result,” he added. Passwordless authentication is an important step towards solving this problem, he said.

Available in the coming weeks, the Dashlane passkey solution will allow users to log in to all types of sites, including those that support the new passwordless authentication and sites that require a password. pass. “Users can store their access keys for multiple sites and enjoy the same convenience and security they already have with their passwords. They will appreciate the “automatic” login to sites, seamless operation across multiple platforms, and our patented zero-knowledge architecture, which means no one but the user can access their credentials. (Even Dashlane can’t access it.),” he added. They will also benefit from secure sharing capabilities, access controls for businesses, cross-device synchronization and cross-platform interoperability, Dashlane added.

Andras Cser, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, welcomes Dashlane’s introduction of built-in security key support. “This provides better protection for Dashlane Password Vault, and users can authenticate to Password Vault with passwordless authentication. This is a great development,” said “However, backend applications where Dashlane still manages passwords continue to be vulnerable to phishing and other password-related attacks,” he told CSO.

Password-less authentication approaching

In March 2022, the FIDO Alliance released a report on its ongoing work to make FIDO-based secure authentication technology the most dominant form of authentication on the Internet, replacing passwords. He cited two areas of recent progress – the use of smartphones as a roaming authenticator and cross-device FIDO credentials – as key to driving widespread adoption of FIDO-based authentication in the near future. “This makes FIDO the first authentication technology that can match password ubiquity, without the inherent risks and phishing,” he said.

Meanwhile, major tech companies are looking to expand support for a common passwordless login standard by preparing passwordless authentication for smartphones and laptops in the coming year. . “The standards developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium and led in practice by these innovative companies are the kind of forward-thinking that will ultimately keep Americans safe online,” said Jen Easterly, director of the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), commented in May this year. “I applaud our private sector partners’ commitment to open standards that add flexibility for service providers and a better user experience for customers.”

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