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PAUL BUTLER, HTE: Today is Monday August 9th. Good morning! This is The world and all in it of WORLD Radio supported by listeners. I am Paul Butler.

MARY REICHARD, HOST: And I’m Mary Reichard.

Have you ever wondered how the program got its name or where the theme song came from?

Once again, here is former senior producer and co-founder of WORLD Radio Joseph Slife.

JOSEPH SLIFE: The program got its name from the fact that I was reading the scriptures, which is a good thing to do. And Nick invited me over to talk about this program idea, invited me to Asheville. And I had just read Psalm 89. And in verse 11, he talks about the world and the Lord, he founded the world and everything in it. And I thought, you know, that’s a really good name for this program Nick is talking about.

The name, All Things Considered, which incidentally comes from GK Chesterton, had been used many years before National Public Radio. And I was trying to find something that looked a little like this. And to find that scriptural expression, the world and everything in it, which is also in Acts 17, by the way, so it’s in the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is in Acts 17 that Peter speaks on the hill of Mars and proclaims the unknown God. And so I thought, you know, this, that gives us such a great track to run on, because this program can be on the world, and everything in it, from the context of the God that founded it. , to that God who is unknown to most of our culture. But everything in the world is something that he created, or is there because of his creative activity.

And we also wanted to emphasize the idea, and this is very important to me, that this program does not talk about the seriousness of things. And we all know things are terrible in so many ways. And the news is often very sad. The news is often very worrying. But nevertheless, there is the God of the universe, who works his plans and purposes to a good end. And we can always be confident about it. And we can always be joyful, we can enjoy the things around us that are good and noble, and of good value. And so we wanted to make sure that the program didn’t just give the news of the day, which is often not good, but also had this whole idea that God is in control. And we can live with confidence and we can be happy warriors. And because it’s his world, and everything in it.


JOSEPH: The musical theme of The World and Everything in It comes from a hymn that a lot of people know. It’s in many, many hymns. It’s called, This is my father’s world. And the reason we chose this music is that the tune is actually called Terra Biata, good earth. And that ties in with this whole idea that the world is the world of God. And he watches over this world. And he made this world good. So this is good soil.

But the particular reason I chose this theme is that there is a saying in the third verse of This Is My Father’s World that says, “and although evil often seems so strong, he is still the ruler. “. And this is the idea that we wanted to convey with this program. That although we hear about all of these things that are so bad, God is still in control. He is still the sovereign.


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