DVIDS – News – Debt & Claims Care Center Upgrade to Support Customers

Customers and employees alike benefit from the recent changes to the Defense Finance and Accounting and Out of Service Receivables Customer Support Center.

The changes create efficiencies for both groups by creating two separate groups to handle customer issues; customer service representatives (CSRs) and case teams. Case teams now have the ability to handle more complex customer issues, including AskDFAS, e-OSCAR® *, student deferrals and payment plans providing more flexibility for CSRs to handle customer calls.

New department
Among other changes, in an effort to better align services, the Customer Service Center was moved directly under the Debt and Claims Management Office of Accounts Receivable in 2019. call for CSRs.

CSRs were already familiar with customer support methods, but the old tier system prevented them from offering additional support. The realignment of the tier system and the addition of case teams now allow representatives to provide additional customer support while reducing the overall volume of calls.

“This change has been well received by our CSRs,” said Valerie Turner, head of the customer service center’s receivables and claims support division. “Our CSRs already knew the information, so the change just allows them to serve our customers more effectively. “

Along with the improved services, the introduction of an AskDFAS page to allow customers to provide more details when a problem is referred to the case team. Behind the scenes, the team now has a trainer to train new representatives and case team employees. Additionally, a dedicated QA person now reviews AskDFAS calls and requests to ensure the best service has been provided to customers. It also allows supervisors to focus on high calls and customer satisfaction.

Hiring changes
Due to the pandemic, the CCC had to review its process for accessing and training new employees. Still in an active hiring mode, the CCC continues to recruit new employees to support clients.

“One of the changes we made was to create a virtual training environment for our new employees,” said Turner. “As they complete the DFAS onboarding process, we send them the training package for the virtual training so they have time to review it and are ready when we start our training.

“This allows us to stay in a telecommuting status for training, to minimize exposure of new employees to the building, and to still serve our customers.”

Support for robots
In collaboration with information technology and corporate solutions and standards, two bots now actively support the teams in charge of debt and claims files. Essentially programmed research tools, bots are already proving success for the team.

A bot searches the Courts Electronic Archives Public Access System (PACER) to confirm information from clients who are reporting bankruptcies to CCC. So far, this automated process has reduced a workload from four to five hours to 30 minutes and gives the case team the flexibility to work on other cases.

The “Letter” bot automatically converts text letters received from the Defense Debt Management System (DDMS) to Adobe PDF for the company’s electronic document management system. This bot also allows the case team to focus on helping customers with their issues.

According to Turner, the team’s hard work has resulted in proven support for debt and claims clients, resulting in average wait times of less than 40 seconds and a customer satisfaction rate of 90 for cent in the last 6 months.

Changes to the Customer Service Center are just a few of the ways Debt and Claims is working to become efficient and user-friendly. Watch for information about other ways Debt and Claims supports DFAS clients in future DBJ articles.

* Author’s Note: e-OSCAR® is a browser-based system that was developed by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion.

e-OSCAR® is the vehicle that transfers information between consumer information agencies and data providers. It was designed to provide an online solution for the processing of Automated Consumer Dispute Verifications (ACDV) and Automated Universal Data Forms (AUD). DFAS uses this system to confirm and delete the credit bureau member’s account if a customer account is paid in full, and to update the credit to reflect bankruptcy actions.

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