Eagle Eye Networks Two-Way Audio for Cameras and Devices

Eagle Eye Networks has launched 2-Way Audio, a two-way audio capability that provides remote communication through the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS for secure and convenient communication to provide active monitoring and response.

The two-way audio feature uses a standard IP speakerphone or horn connected to an Eagle Eye Bridge or CMVR to allow security professionals to instantly communicate warnings to intruders, deter security threats, or manage crowds. Businesses can also use two-way audio to communicate in real time with staff, customers and visitors.

“Eagle Eye’s new two-way audio brings secure and easy communication to cloud video surveillance, allowing businesses to communicate remotely with people onsite,” said Dean Drako, Founder and CEO of Eagle. Eye Networks. “While two-way audio is designed to be a critical factor in security – improving perimeter protection, defusing and providing important information in emergency situations, and deterring intruders – it will also help business owners in operations, customer service and employee support.”

As part of a customizable video management solution, 2-Way Audio includes:

  • Mobile Access: Use the Eagle Eye Viewer app on an iOS or Android mobile device to communicate.
  • Quick Setup: Easily connect an IP-approved speaker or horn to the bridge or CMVR.
  • Communication network: Link multiple cameras to an IP speaker or horn to create a communication network.
  • Alerts: Receive intrusion or wandering alerts using video analytics and communicate directly with suspicious individuals to deter threats.
  • Real-time communication: high quality audio with low latency.
  • Secure Communication: Eagle Eye 2-Way Audio provides an audit log of audio sessions, associated users and timestamps, as well as speaker changes and updates.
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