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Eurotech Technologies has introduced a wide range of BestNet Light Interface Unit (LIU). Modular LIUs available in capacities from 1 to 96 ports are suitable for installing optical cables, splicing and protecting fibers. BestNet LIUs are easy to install and offer a complete solution for organizing, routing and terminating fiber optic cables. The LIUs have 4 spools and splice support trays up to 12/24 splices and mounting hardware as integral parts.

BestNet LIU’s compact and space-saving design includes adapter plates for mounting connectors and is available in ST, SC, LC, FC and MTRJ Duplex / Simplex connector varieties. These plates are designed for easy mounting using lockable knobs and can be easily mounted in a vertical configuration. LIUs also feature a top and bottom cable entry option with easy-to-change adapter panels for flexible installation and a key-lock layout to restrict access.

“Providing high quality and efficient fiber management, BestNet LIUs are an important component of the passive network solution, making it ideal for many applications across a wide range of verticals,” said Mr. Anuj Jain. , Managing Director of Eurotech Technologies.

The case’s convenient wall-mount design is ideal for use in almost any location and accommodates up to 24 ports. Lightweight and easy to install units allow both splicing and connection of fiber optic cables and can splice and terminate 12/24 fibers using 6 fiber panels. BestNet LIUs help organizations save time and money by efficiently managing cable resources, while efficient fiber management also saves maintenance and replacement costs.

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