Firefox 106 released with Firefox View and other improvements

Mozilla released Firefox 106 Stable and Firefox 102.4 ESR. The new version of Firefox 106 Stable introduces support for Firefox View, PDF editing, text recognition and extraction on macOS and new Colorways themes.

All development editions of Firefox are also updated to new versions. Firefox Beta and Firefox Development are moving to version 107 and Firefox Nightly is moving to version 108. Firefox for Android follows the version pattern of Firefox for desktop; it also upgrades to Firefox 106.0.


  • Firefox 106 Stable and Firefox 102.4 ESR address security issues.
  • Mozilla fixed six unique vulnerabilities in Firefox 106 and 4 unique vulnerabilities in Firefox 102.4 ESR.

Download and update Firefox 106

Firefox 106.0 and Firefox 102.4 ESR downloads are already available. Most installations of Firefox will receive updates automatically, thanks to the browser’s built-in update feature. Users who want to speed up the update process can do so in two ways: check for updates manually or download Firefox from the official Mozilla website and install the new version manually.

Follow these steps to check for updates in Firefox.

  1. Select Menu > Help > About Firefox.

Firefox displays the installed version and runs an update check. It will download and install any new version discovered during this check.

Direct downloads are also available, follow the links below to the Mozilla download website to download the new version of the browser.

New features and improvements in Firefox 106.0

Firefox View

firefox view

Firefox View is one of the main novelties of this version. It improves access to previously opened tabs in the web browser and possibly other Firefox browsers on desktop or Android. A new icon pinned to the Firefox tab bar enables the feature. Firefox displays a short onboarding experience that explains Firefox View.

Firefox’s display page is divided into three main sections: Tab Interception, Recently Closed, and Independent Voices. Picking up tabs requires a Firefox Account, as Mozilla uses Firefox Sync to display recently viewed pages on other devices in this section. It is intended as a way to continue reading or accessing content displayed on other devices.

The recently closed section displays the last closed tabs of the current browsing window. It’s a bit limited on this point. Independent voices, finally, promote Colorway themes.

You can check out Ashwin’s in-depth Firefox View review here for an even clearer picture of the features it provides. Mozilla also has a support page in case you are interested.

Firefox View can improve the experience for users who use Firefox on different devices and are signed in to a Firefox Account on each. Users who do not benefit little from the functionality.

view firefox remove

Luckily, it’s quite easy to remove the Firefox View icon from the main Firefox toolbar. Just right-click on the icon and select “Remove from Toolbar” option to get rid of it. Another option offered is to move the Firefox View icon to another location, for example, next to the Firefox menu on the right.

Basic PDF editing

edit pdf firefox

Firefox’s built-in PDF viewer supports basic PDF editing in the new version. Mozilla notes that it has integrated options for writing text, drawing, and adding signatures to PDF documents opened in Firefox.

The final version of Firefox showed text and drawing options in the main toolbar, but no signature options. Maybe it’s added later or there’s another prerequisite that Mozilla didn’t mention in the official release notes.

Other changes and fixes

  • Windows users who use the Firefox web browser can pin a shortcut to private browsing mode to the operating system’s taskbar. The option to do so is displayed on the Private Browsing start page.
  • Windows users who set Firefox as their default web browser now make it the default PDF application on the system.
  • Linux users can now use swipe to navigate to rewind or forward through Wayland’s history.
  • Text recognition and extraction is now supported on macOS 10.15 or later systems. The feature only supported English at the time in macOS 10.15, and other languages ​​on macOS 11.0 or higher.
  • New Colorway themes are now available. The 18 new themes remain available until January 16, 2023.


  • WebRTC platform update; The libwebrtc library has been updated from version 86 to 103 in the release. The upgrade introduces several improvements including better screen sharing on Windows and Linux Wayland, lower CPU usage and more fps when capturing screen on macOS, RTP performance and reliability improvements and compatibility improvements.
  • The ability to set the “background” manifest key property “persistent” to false for Manifest V2 (to make a background page non-persistent) is now available by default.
  • The object-src directive in the “content-security-policy” manifest key is now optional (bug 1766881).

Company changes

None published.

Known issues

None listed.

Security updates/patches

Security updates are revealed after the official release of the web browser. You will find the information published here after the publication.

Firefox 106 comes with 6 fixed security vulnerabilities. Firefox 102.4 ESR fixes 4 unique vulnerabilities. The maximum severity rating for the vulnerabilities is high.


Firefox 107 Stable is expected on November 11, 2022.

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Firefox 106 released with Firefox View and other improvements

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Firefox 106 released with Firefox View and other improvements

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Firefox 106 introduces new Firefox View functionality, PDF editing capabilities, and new Colorway themes that can be selected.


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