FIRSTBORN Feat. CHRIS ADLER and JAMES LOMENZO release new singles ‘Bad Things’ and ‘One Of A Kind’; audio

Today, international metal supergroup Firstborne shared two furious new singles, “Bad Things” and “One Of A Kind”. Featuring the inimitable Chris Adler (drums) and James Lomenzo (bass) alongside soft-shred pioneer Myrone (guitar) and rising star vocalist Girish Pradhan, the band fearlessly explores the soundscape of thrash, metal and hard rock through their two new tracks. Both songs were self-produced by the band with mixing/mastering by longtime collaborator Machine. Listen to both singles below. You can also stream “Bad Things” hereand “One of a Kind” here.

The launch single “Bad Things” is filled with serpentine riffs, deep melodic sensibility and more than a hint of 80s metal nostalgia, perfectly reminiscent of the band’s musical pedigree. Adler contributes a blistering percussive performance, with bassist James Lomenzo keeping the bottom down with a pulsating groove. Myrone’s singular playing style is both technically impressive and accessible – his fretboard acrobatics don’t detract from his dynamic songwriting ability.

“One Of A Kind” lives up to its name in the context of the band’s already extensive catalog – the song ventures into alternative and hard rock territory with results that would sound right at home on any festival stage or mainstream rock station. Girish Pradhan takes command of the song with a soaring vocal performance that showcases his extended range and emotive lyricism.

Drummer Chris Adler has this to say about the new singles and Firstborne’s trajectory: “We’ve made good use of the time. Over the next year, we’ll be releasing one song per month, starting here and now with a punch. I’m thrilled to be in a creative partnership that can do just about anything. It feels like playing in ‘God Mode’ on Guitar/Band Hero. It’s a passion project and it’s fun for us to share it. Dig. Or don’t. See you next month!”

Guitarist Myrone has this to add about the band’s philosophy: “No Labels, No Management, NO GODS, NO MASTERS!!!!”

Expect new music, videos, merchandise and more from Firstborne throughout the next year.

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