Fuel costs for Australian drivers reach $100 a week

The average weekly cost of fuel for Australian motorists has reached $100, after rising by a further $5 a week over the past three months, new figures show.

The Australian Automobile Association’s latest Transport Affordability Index, released on Sunday, shows average weekly fuel costs across the country hit $100.39 in the June quarter.

Typical weekly household transportation costs, which take into account average weekly fuel expenses, car loan repayments, tolls, insurance and maintenance, and public transportation, also increased by $11.74. in the capitals in the first quarter to reach $412.21 and $342.98 in the regions. .

Fuel costs take into account the temporary halving of the fuel excise rate, inflation of 6.1% per year and global price shocks resulting from the war in Ukraine.

Michael Bradley, chief executive of the leading automotive body, said it was the first time the national weekly fuel cost average has topped $100 since the index was created in 2016.


“Despite the temporary reduction in excise duty, fuel prices are rising and continue to contribute significantly to cost of living pressures in regional and metropolitan Australia,” he said.

The average cost of fuel was $98.37 per week in capital cities across the country, including $99.13 in Sydney and $97.29 in Melbourne.

The average weekly cost across the regions was $102.71, with motorists in Bunbury ($122.70), Geelong ($118.31) and Launceston ($114.67) hardest hit, according to the index .

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