Getting to Know Just Love Coffee Café in Murfreesboro

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Just Love Coffee Café goes beyond traditional specialty coffee by encouraging customers to bring their children to this welcoming space – complete with classic arcade games – to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for all ages. Team members have worked to create an atmosphere that transcends the café, from the charitable nature of the café’s brand and the inclusiveness of its design, to the openness of the space to a wide variety of social activities. and independent. This includes the playful nature of the menu, which really creates a memorable experience.

When was your business launched?

“We opened Just Love Coffee Café in November 2011. Our founder and CEO, Rob Webb, and his wife, Emily, had made the decision to adopt. They already had two beautiful children, Isabel and Charlie, but the call to adopt was obvious.So, in 2009, Rob was on a flight to Ethiopia to meet his newly adopted children when he had an inspiring idea – a real light bulb moment you would say – while adding up the expenses of the adoption journey and learned about the sacrifice and challenges of others who had been in the same situation.”

Jason Smith, Master Roaster at Just Love Coffee Roasters, releases freshly roasted coffee beans from the roaster to be cooled and examined, Tuesday, March 29, 2016.

What originally prompted this type of business idea?

“The idea of ​​roasting coffee was something that Rob was fascinated with and was getting pretty good at, so he thought, ‘What if I started a business roasting coffee beans by hand as a for profit company that existed to help others? So he decided to start a business dedicated to using hand-roasted coffees to help others whose passion was simply to just love.”

How do your products improve the lives of your customers?

“We provide excellent quality coffee roasted right here in our facility and serve delicious food all day. We have a warm and comfortable environment for our customers and we just want to share the love!”

What makes you different from other cafes?

“Our core values ​​are: Be authentic. Be great. Be a catalyst for love. It drives everything we do!”

Did you launch the business as a start-up or did you raise funds?

“Through online ordering – funded one bag of coffee at a time.”

how do you define success? What have you learned through this process that can help the next business owner coming to Rutherford County?

“The online coffee business has been remarkably successful in its first year, enabling Rob to donate nearly $100,000 to families and prove that a socially responsible business can work. Our business continues to grow. grow to date.We have expanded our operations and grown from an 800 square foot space to a much larger warehouse space here in Murfreesboro, and we now have over 20 franchises across the United States and 27 more will be opening soon.We know that Murfreesboro and Rutherford County are wonderful supporters and passionate about helping others.

Tell us something about your business that you think would be interesting for the masses to discover.

“Rob grew up in Murfreesboro, has a master’s degree in classical music performance, has done audio engineering, and is known occasionally to DJs. He’s creative, kind, and compassionate.”

A sign hangs next to the coffee bean roaster at Just Love Coffee Roasters on Tuesday March 29, 2016


East Location (Original): 129 MTCS Road (Murfreesboro)

West Location: 1440 Medical Center Pkwy Suite A (Murfreesboro)

Fountains at the footbridge site: 1440 Medical Center Pkwy Suite A (Murfreesboro)

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