Google is ending support for Internet Explorer 11 from Microsoft; Here’s why?

Microsoft has announced that they will be removing Internet Explorer from their servers now. Recent updates from Google have confirmed that they have also discontinued support for Internet Explorer. This means that the latest Google features will not be able to run on Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 11 was released in 2013 alongside Windows 8.1, and manufacturers replaced their browsers with a new Microsoft Edge offering in 2015. It’s not too shocking to see Google take steps to remove Internet Explorer. Microsoft had previously announced the cancellation of the IE11 browser by June 15, 2022. This means that users will be able to use it until June 2022 and thereafter they will have to switch to Microsoft Edge.

Google wants to stop using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 11

The news came after a Google technical software engineer shared a Tweet about Google’s plans to take down Internet Explorer. His Tweet said, “As a web developer, this is one of the happiest announcements in a while: Google search ended support for IE11 in its core product (you can still search , but you will get a fallback experience). I’m mainly posting this so you can send it to your boss. We did the math. It’s time. “Several users on the Internet have taken this news and posted their views on it. Several users are also sad to see the classic web browser taken off the servers. Here are some fan reactions to the Microsoft browser. Internet Explorer 11.

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Microsoft has completely shifted its focus to the new Microsoft Edge and has already started releasing new additions to the operating system. One of the biggest changes includes the new IE mode for Edge which helps users switch from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge. With this mode, businesses have the ability to easily switch and adapt to the new Chromium-based browser. Microsoft is expected to bring this support for IE mode to the Edge browser by 2029. More details on the removal of Internet Explorer from servers are not expected to be released by Microsoft. So keep an eye out for updates from their official social media accounts.

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