Guththila Strategic Solutions celebrates 18 years of activity with an office in Dubai – Business News

Guththila Strategic Solutions has carved out a distinctive niche in the industry for its steadfast pursuit of excellence in advertising: infusing a realistic, practical and creativity-driven approach, producing advertising, which connects with customers on the deepest emotional level of their own language and idiom, while getting the message across clearly and effectively.

Guththila Strategic Solutions is not a foreign entity or a franchisee of a foreign network. Instead, it prides itself on being fully Sri Lankan owned and funded, with full internal capacity. Which means that whatever is earned in Sri Lanka stays in the country.

The company is the brainchild of Creative Director / Director UA Palliyaguru, a multi-talented filmmaker and advertising veteran, who is also a renowned director, producer, screenwriter and lyricist. He obtained his BA in Film from the National Film Institute in Pune, India. He is also a visiting professor at the University of Kelaniya, Faculty of Marketing Management.

After starting his media career at a leading TV channel in Sri Lanka and gaining considerable industry experience and contacts, he established Guthhtila Strategic Solutions in 2003, which has now grown into a force of leading in 360-degree advertising solutions. .

Elaborating on his approach to creativity, Palliyaguru believes his creative direction draws on his experience as a filmmaker and media personality, in addition to the global advertising exposure gained by traveling and participating in workshops across the globe. He has also traveled to every nook and cranny of Sri Lanka, meeting people from various ethnic groups and backgrounds, which allowed him to further refine his understanding of the nuances of different cultures and customs across the country. He is a firm believer in removing deep psychological factors and inner motivations in people, which cause them to accept or reject any product or service offer, regardless of the mere presence of a brand name. It is this practical and human approach that has ensured success over the past 18 years.

From the start, Guthhtila Strategic Solutions refrained from participating in award festivals of any kind, preferring to forge stronger relationships with clients, build brands and focus on the highest possible return on investment. for the advertising investment of customers. Palliyaguru believes that this is the highest endorsement and honor that one can receive, which is more precious than the rewards.

The company has its own building in Pelawatta, Colombo, with state-of-the-art in-house facilities for audio and video production. Having experience in the production of feature films and having diversified into TV and teledrama production and online digital film distribution platforms, the company is able to create TV and video productions with production values ​​and exceptional quality standards.

While conventional agencies outsource their video productions, adding a significant margin to their bottom line and additional cost to clients, Guththila produces all the work using internal resources, including personnel and equipment. This makes it possible to offer very competitive prices for video productions, which allows customers to realize considerable savings.
Over the past 18 years, Guththila Strategic Solutions has served hundreds of leading Sri Lankan and foreign brands, creating work that meets international standards – in terms of creativity and execution. The company also has the distinction of having produced campaigns for the Sri Lankan presidential elections in 2005, 2010 and 2015, all of which successfully elected their candidate.

Firmly believing in teamwork and interactive partnerships with clients, the company involves the client in a working partnership, actively seeking their contributions, which allows clients to find the ease and comfort of working with the business without any conflict of egos or ideologies. The main asset is a young, highly talented and experienced team to support the vision of the company. While most advertising and media institutions have struggled due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Guththila has navigated smoothly with her strategy of stable and diversified revenue streams.

Palliyaguruge added, “We have our own in-house production site, which allows us to offer creative solutions, ranging from TV commercials, company profiles or documentaries at competitive rates, while strictly respecting deadlines. In fact, we can deliver creative content ready to go within 24 hours of receiving the brief. We also offer comprehensive and personalized strategic contributions across all media. It is one of our core competencies. To mark its 18th anniversary in business, Guththila Strategic Solutions will be opening overseas branches in Dubai, having already established a new branch in Brisbane, Australia last year.

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