How to use FaceTime on Android

FaceTime is a video calling app from Apple, and like most other Apple apps, it’s exclusive to iOS devices. It is probably one of the most used apps by iPhone users because it makes video chatting very easy.

The good news is that it is possible to use FaceTime on Android. However, you can only participate in FaceTime calls through invitation links created by Apple users. This means that you cannot initiate a FaceTime call or use FaceTime without invite link on Android.

Let’s see how to do it.

How FaceTime works on Android

As already stated, you cannot download the FaceTime app on your Android device, but you can FaceTime with your friends who own iPhones, iPads, or Macs through invite links.

If you want to chat on FaceTime, you will need to ask a friend with an iOS device to generate and send you an invite link. Also, since it works through the web, you need to have a supported browser like Chrome installed.

FaceTime offers features like SharePlay and lots of controls like hide / show video, mute audio, switch between cameras and grid layouts. However, some of these options are not available to Android users. You shouldn’t mind the restrictions as the features available are enough to help you connect with your iOS owner friends and have a good chatting experience.

Since it works in a web browser, that means you can use FaceTime on a Windows PC as well.

How to join a FaceTime call on Android

To join a FaceTime call on your Android device, you need to have an invite link from your friend using their iOS devices. They can send the link through a preferred messaging app as long as it appears in their share menu. See below if they need help creating the link.

You can only open FaceTime in Chrome, so download it if you haven’t already. After receiving the link, follow the simple steps below to join the call:

  1. Start by tapping on the link sent to you. This will take you to your default browser, which should be Chrome. Alternatively, you can manually copy and paste the link to a new tab in Chrome to open it.

    FaceTime link shared by email

  2. Once the link is opened, a blank space will appear with a prompt to enter your name. Type your name in the box and hit continue.

    FaceTime Enter your name page on Android browser

  3. Then a screen with a green Join button will appear. To select To rejoin and the Apple user will then receive a membership request. To succeed in the call, they must accept the connection request.

        FaceTime green login button on Android

  4. With this you have successfully joined the call. You will see a toolbar with several control options including a full screen button, mute button, show / hide video button, front / rear camera button, left button, etc.

    FaceTime control option buttons on Android

  5. The user with an iPhone, iPad, or Mac will have more control options and features than you do, but what you have is enough for a full FaceTime call.

  6. When your call is finished, tap your screen and the toolbar will reappear. To select Let to end the call.

Accessing FaceTime through a browser cannot be compared to the ease of use of the app. Still, the quality is still top notch, and it’s a pretty decent solution for connecting Android and Apple users via FaceTime.

How to create a FaceTime link on iPhone

Creating a FaceTime invite link on iOS devices is a straightforward process. This invite link is the only key to accessing FaceTime on your Android device. Therefore, tell your iOS friend in advance and ask them to generate and share the link with you for a FaceTime session.

Apple users generate the invite link in the FaceTime app by following the steps below:

  1. On your iPhone, locate the FaceTime app from your home screen and launch it. If this is your first time using FaceTime, create a new Apple ID. If you have already registered, login to register.

  2. Once the app is open, press the Create Link button to generate an invite link in the conversation browser. You can name the link if you want, but it’s not necessary.

    FaceTime Create Link Button on iPhone

  3. You have now created an invitation link, which you can find in the To come up app section.

  4. After locating the generated link, tap the button next to the link and you will be presented with options including FaceTime, Share Link, and Remove Link.

    FaceTime share and remove link buttons

  5. To share the link with an Android friend, click the Share link button. Select the person you want to share the link with in the top row, or you can send the link through messaging apps like Messages, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any supported messaging program.

    FaceTime to Android Share Link

  6. Whoever generates the link can delete it, and if it does, it won’t open after tapping on it.

    Remove FaceTime Link Dialog

You can now use FaceTime on your Android

If you are wondering how to video chat with friends who own Apple devices, now you know how to do it. Now you can enjoy the FaceTime hype from your Android phone or tablet. With a FaceTime invite link and Chrome as a supported browser, you can easily access FaceTime.

The good news is that generating the link on all iOS devices is straightforward, so your friends won’t feel overwhelmed when creating the link for you.

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