IOS and iPadOS 15 review extras: eBooks, Shortcuts, Making Of, Obsidian plugins, Safari Extension Beta and AppStories Live

Today, Federico posted his iOS and iPadOS 15 review. The review has become the centerpiece of what is always a busy fall season at MacStories. It has also become a tradition that we release a wide variety of benefits exclusively for Club MacStories members alongside Federico’s review.

Club-wide benefits

Among the club-wide extras this year is an eBook version of Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 15 review, as well as an eBook from the Review Details sections, which compiles smaller and interesting details on the apps and features of iOS and iPadOS 15, and a third eBook that brings together the eight Summer OS Preview Series stories we released over the summer. Additionally, in MacStories Weekly this Friday, Federico will share two exclusive advanced shortcuts, as well as an in-depth look at the “making of” of the review.

Three e-books

iOS and iPadOS 15: the MacStories review. Of course, the first eBook is a fully interactive version of Federico’s review with all of the images, videos, and links to shortcuts you’ll also find on

2021 OS Preview Series: MacStories Extras. The second eBook is a compilation of the eight stories we’ve published over the summer as part of our Summer Operating System Sneak peek series. The book, written by Federico and I, includes interviews with developers on their reactions to WWDC, FaceTime, HomeKit and tvOS, the new Smart Lists feature from Reminders, Apple Maps, Quick Note, and our first impressions of iOS, iPadOS and macOS. . The book is a great companion to Federico’s review that delves into some of the more interesting features of Apple’s operating system updates.

iOS and iPadOS 15: the details. Throughout Federico’s review you will find sections titled “The Details”. This new review feature is designed to make it easier for readers to discover smaller and interesting details about various apps and features in iOS and iPadOS 15. In this eBook, we’ve compiled each of the Details sections into one volume. standalone to make it even easier for Club MacStories members to discover all these little gems.

Also (because we are often asked), if you read the eBooks in Apple Books and want to zoom in to see one of the screenshots up close, double-tap the images on iOS devices (or double-click on the Mac) to open a full-size version.

All three eBooks are now available as a free download exclusively for Club MacStories members who can access them from their members download page.

Together, these eBooks provide a complete and in-depth analysis of every feature released with iOS and iPadOS 15, as well as many features that apply to all of Apple’s operating systems. That’s over 78,000 words of content exclusively for Club members.

Club exclusive advanced shortcuts

As in previous years, Federico’s iOS and iPadOS 15 review includes sample shortcuts that show new actions added to the app this year. You can download the shortcuts from his review, our Shortcut Archive, or the eBook if you are a MacStories Club member. This year, the review includes shortcuts to create spoken versions of articles from Safari, convert PDFs to Markdown text, select folders to compress as .zip files for sharing, and export shortcuts as files. .shortcut.

On Friday, Federico will have two special shortcuts for Club members. The first is called Safari Speaker Pro. The shortcut extends the Safari Speaker shortcut found in the review which uses the new Make Spoken Audio from Text action to have Siri read articles to you on the web. The Pro version goes further by incorporating the audio file created by the shortcut in Obsidian. The Shortcut is a powerful tool for anyone doing research because you can listen to an article online while you take notes on it in Obsidian.

The second Club-exclusive shortcut is Shortcut Exporter Pro, an extension of the Shortcut Exporter shortcut found in Federico’s review. Shortcut Exporter allows you to select a shortcut and export it as a .shortcut file for backup or sharing. The Pro version adds batch export of all your shortcuts at once or by modified date or folder.

Both shortcuts will be in MacStories Weekly for all Club members to download and enjoy this Friday.

MacStories Weekly

In addition to the exclusive shortcuts Federico will share in MacStories Weekly on Friday, he will be posting his annual “Making Of” story. This year’s review of iOS and iPadOS was a big departure from the workflows that Federico has used in recent years. As a result, Federico’s ‘Making Of’ story will serve as a roadmap that explains the shortcuts, plugins, apps, and other tools that helped him prepare for this year’s exam.

You can find out more about Club MacStories here and register using the buttons below.

Club MacStories + and Club Premier benefits

We also have exclusive Club MacStories + and Club Premier perks this year, including a live recording of AppStories, three Obsidian plugins released over the next three days, and an iOS and iPadOS Safari extension that will join the Beta Beat line in the community. Club MacStories + Discord.

Federico’s three custom obsidian plugins

Obsidian has been instrumental in Federico’s research and writing process this year. One of the app’s greatest strengths is its plug-in architecture. There is a vibrant community of developers who have created some terrific plugins that Federico and I use regularly. Since Obsidian plugins are built with standard web technologies, if there is something Obsidian doesn’t do that you can’t find an existing plugin for, you can create it yourself or find someone. to build it for you, which Federico did.

At the start of preparation for this year’s iOS and iPadOS exam, Federico partnered with my son Finnish to create a set of three Obsidian plugins that we release for Club MacStories + and Club Premier members, as well as an iOS and iPadOS Safari extension that will be part of the Beta Beat channel of the Club MacStories + Discord community. With these plugins and extensions, members can use the exact same tools that helped Federico drastically reduce the time it took to write this year’s review.

The first plugin, Todoist Tasks, integrates Obsidian and Todoist. When taking notes or writing in Obsidian, you can create tasks online with due dates, project details, and tags. The plugin then syncs these tasks with Todoist, so that the tasks also appear in the Todoist app. Everything syncs, so if you check off a task in the Todoist app, run a command in Obsidian with a keyboard shortcut, and it’s marked as complete in your Obsidian notes. Likewise, mark a task as completed in Obsidian, and it is also checked in the Todoist app. Whether you’re researching, outlining a large project, or writing, this plugin is perfect for jotting down tasks in context as they arise without having to switch to another app.

The Todoist Tasks plugin will be published on the MacStories Club Members Download Page later today.

The second plugin is called Markdown Insert, and it intelligently inserts links and image links into a document based on what’s in your clipboard with just one keyboard shortcut. Markdown Insert is the kind of plugin that pays small efficiency dividends every time it’s used, which adds up to big gains over time, taking a multi-step process and reducing it to a single keyboard shortcut.

The Markdown Insert plugin will be published on the MacStories Club Members Download Page Tuesday September 21.

The third Obsidian plugin is perfect for long writing. Export Markdown with Embeds is a highly customizable plugin that allows you to compile a single Markdown document from multiple Markdown files, even if they include multiple levels of nested note integrations. One of Obsidian’s strengths is the integration of notes. Using simple linking syntax, Obsidian allows you to reference one Markdown document within another. Export Markdown with Embeds analyzes a group of notes and intelligently imports all linked documents by compiling a single Markdown file. The plugin allows you to work on a longer project in separate, more manageable chunks that the plugin compiles whenever you need the final single file version.

The Export Markdown with Embeds plugin will be published on the MacStories Club Members Download Page Wednesday September 22.

Highlights of the Safari mobile web extension

Finally, Finn has also created a Safari extension for iOS and iPadOS called Highlights which will be part of the Beta Beat channel of the Club MacStories + Discord community. Highlight the text on any website, tap or click the extension icon in the address bar, and the selected text is highlighted on the page and the text is copied to it. Highlights application. From within the app, you can copy a Markdown version of the highlighted text with the linked title of the web page. MacStories + Discord Club members can join Finn to talk about the app and provide feedback as he works on adding additional features.

The TestFlight Highlights Beta is now live on the # beta-beat Club MacStories + Discord channel.

Live AppStories

Later today at 5:30 p.m. EST, we’ll be recording AppStories live in the MacStories + Discord Club. The episode will be a deep dive into Federico’s critique and a chance to listen to a show that we don’t usually record live.

I still love doing this episode because it gives me the opportunity to question Federico about the big themes of iOS and iPadOS and to dig deeper into the details of what the updates make possible. The audio town halls we have hosted in the Club MacStories + Discord community have been a lot of fun for us and a hit with the Discord community, so we can’t wait to let people listen on AppStories ahead of its public release.

You can find out more about MacStories + Club and Premier Club, then sign up or upgrade your account using the buttons below:

To rejoin MacStories + Club:

To rejoin Premier Club:

This week is the culmination of months of work by Federico, made more complicated this year by the simultaneous launch of Club MacStories +, Club Premier and AppStories +. Each year we try to make it even more special for site readers and Club members who want even more of the iOS, iPadOS, Mac, and Watch coverage we’re known for. Thank you as always for reading MacStories and a special thank you to our Club members who help us continue to do what we love.

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