Juniper Networks Unveils New Cloud Metro Solution to Improve Service Provider Productivity

Juniper Networks announced the innovation that will fuel its vision and strategy for Cloud Metro – a new category of solutions for service providers, optimized for metro transformation and sustainable business growth.

Traditional “retro” metro networks are device-centric and bend under the extreme demands of scale, agility, and experience brought by pervasive digital transformation and the advent of 5G services.

This announcement aims to enable sustainable business growth, with a series of high-performance, AI-powered, cloud-delivered automation-powered networking systems purpose-built to create next-generation Cloud Metro infrastructure.

These systems will provide significantly reduced natural resource consumption capabilities to help sustain the planet, improved tools and simplified ways of working to help support overburdened operations teams, and service assurance and Integrated security to optimize the service experience, while enabling service providers to support profitable business growth.

Juniper’s new Cloud Metro systems feature industry-leading energy-efficient adaptive power designs as a fundamental principle, allowing unused features and Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs) to be automatically disabled when not in use. not used. Removable modular power shelf design reduces electronic waste and extends system life by supporting up to 48x bandwidth growth in the same chassis. It is certified Titanium grade by CLEAResult® in its 80 Plus program, the first and only metro network device power module to achieve such a rating.

The scalable scalability, capacity, performance, and smart features of Juniper’s Cloud Metro portfolio replace traditional 3-5 year rip-and-replace network lifecycles with 7-12 year lifecycles. Pay-as-you-go models and a wide range of interface options allow service providers to cost-effectively match their investment with demand.

Juniper’s advanced use of cloud-delivered AI and automation enables service providers to simplify day-to-day workflows, deploy services faster (device onboarding takes just minutes instead of hours), reduce trouble tickets, and accelerate time to service (and therefore revenue) to restore. This dramatically improves productivity, allowing network engineers and operators to do more, which is essential for employee satisfaction and retention.

The new solutions also deliver up to 71% lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by leveraging the latest generation of silicon, industry-leading system design and integration of AI-enabled devices as a service. Zero Trust security is built in rather than bolted on, while Active Service Assurance is built in to provide proactive service testing, monitoring and remediation.

Presentation of the news of the solution:

  • Juniper Paragon Automation as a Service is the industry’s only AI-based, cloud-delivered automation portfolio for metro networks, delivering immediate uptime value from months to minutes and mean time to know (MTTK) and time means of recovery (MTTR) reduced.
  • Integration of Juniper AI-enabled devices as a service is the first use case to launch leveraging Juniper Paragon Automation as a Service, driving real business results by dramatically reducing device onboarding times.
  • Juniper Networks ACX7000 Series Products are durable, high-performance systems leveraging unique design and adaptive power innovations that deliver up to 77% lower power consumption, up to 64% space efficiency superior and 4-7 years longer system life than leading competitive products available today. The portfolio also offers the industry’s fastest router line card, highest 400GE density and fabric capacity per slot, up to 21.6 Tbps with 54x400GE ports, ready for 800G and beyond. of the.
  • Juniper Paragon Active Insurance test agents are built into JUNOS OS Evolved, available in all ACX7000 models. This transforms the cloud metro network into a distributed sensor to proactively provide user experience, which eliminates the need to deploy additional standalone sensor hardware. Additionally, with the new 5G UE/gNB emulation capability, service providers can now simulate traffic for the control plane and user plane, ensuring that each 5G network slice meets the expected SLA.
  • Zero Trust Security The principles and fundamentals of threat detection, analysis, and prevention from Juniper’s Connected Security portfolio have been applied across the entire Juniper Cloud Metro solution. Unique cryptographic digital identities are implemented with Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) in the Cloud Metro IP services fabric, enabling device attestation and RFC-compliant secure zero-touch provisioning (sZTP). Additionally, file encryption and MACsec are implemented to protect data at rest and data in transit. This holistic approach to trust is further enhanced by Paragon’s ability to automatically validate the deployment and operation of security across a network of ACX7000 devices.
  • Optics Juniper Networks 400G ZR/ZR+ co-developed to reduce service provider costs by consolidating IP and optical layers with coherent pluggable optics, which eliminates an entire layer of DWDM transponder terminals by integrating 400G ZR/ZR+ Digital Coherent Optics (DCO). These optics fully comply with the industry specifications of OpenZR+ and OIF.

“In a world of ‘retro metros’, Juniper’s new Cloud Metro solution stands out. Our cloud-delivered Paragon Automation-as-a-Service solution promises immediate productivity gains for service providers. Instead of creating complex and time-consuming automation solutions, they are able to focus on ensuring service experiences for their customers.

“By extending our proven AI solution to the service provider’s WAN, we can improve the productivity of customer operations teams by significantly reducing trouble tickets and increasing network availability. And our extended ACX7000 family offers the most secure, secure, scalable, and intelligent Cloud Metro portfolio on the market. It’s the answer to service providers’ needs for a sustainable future for their profits, their people, and the planet,” said Brendan Gibbs, senior vice president of automated WAN solutions, Juniper Networks.

“Digital transformation is entering its next phase of transforming operational technology (OT) and driving the distributed delivery of new applications and use cases based on emerging technologies such as AI and AR. metropolitan edge is essential to support the big data, real-time performance, and sustainability demands that this new era of OT transformation brings.

“This significant industry shift requires rethinking and re-engineering the metro network, and Juniper is showing leadership here in its Cloud Metro portfolio. Service providers who want to deliver reliable, secure and high-performance services to the metro edge with a sustainable business model should pay particular attention,” said Caroline Chappell, Research Director, Cloud Practice, Analysys Mason.

“Our metro connectivity services in more than 260 major cities around the world meet our customers’ needs for secure, scalable and high-performance networking. We are experiencing continued demand for secure connectivity and expect double-digit traffic growth on our network as we continue to deliver the exceptional experience our customers need. We’ve long supported Juniper’s vision for high-performance, scalable IP networking, and we’re excited to see the significant enhancements and innovations showcased in their Cloud Metro portfolio that can bring more benefits to our customers in the future. future,” said Don MacNeil. , Deputy CEO, GTT Communications.

“We are delighted that the partnership between Broadcom and Juniper has delivered such a comprehensive portfolio of WAN routing platforms, all based on our core Jericho and Qumran silicon. This announcement is particularly compelling as it showcases Broadcom’s Jericho 2c+ silicon enabling a 50% increase in the industry’s highest density 400G routing line card in a modular chassis. With 54 market-leading 400G ports per slot at 21.6 Tbps, this performance underscores the unparalleled scalability and power efficiency of the product offering. We are grateful to our engineering teams,” said Ram Velaga, senior vice president and general manager, Core Switching Group, Broadcom.

Availability of solutions

  • Paragon AI-enabled Automation-as-a-Service – available 1H23
  • Juniper integrated Paragon Active Assurance – available 2H’22
  • Integrated Zero Trust security with SaaS-based network trust attestation – available 1H’23
  • Juniper 400G ZR/ZR+ Optics – orderable and available Q3’22
  • ACX7000 Family:
    • ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, ACX7509 – available now
    • ACX7024 – order now, available Q3’22
    • ACX7908, ACX7348 – orderable 1H’23

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