Kirby Smart goes ballistic on Georgia players in leaked practice audio

As Kirby Smart and No. 3 Georgia prepare for this weekend’s game against No. 1 Tennessee, he expects greatness from his players. This is illustrated by what appears to be an audio leak from training in Athens this week.

The Bulldogs, defending national champions, will welcome the Volunteers for the biggest match of the year. That will likely decide the SEC East and could have direct college football playoff implications. And whichever team wins, it’s probably the higher-ranked team that comes on Tuesday night.

Winning on Saturday requires a good week of training. While there’s no way to know how every practice went in Georgia, a clip that appears to have been filmed outside of team practice field gives an overview of what was going on. It didn’t sound good.

Kirby Smart went ballistic on Georgia DB Kelee Ringo during practice.

In the video, which was posted by a Tennessee fan, audio of what sounds like Kirby Smart can be heard from across the street. He is yelling to defensive back Kelee Ringo.

“Kelee, all that bullshit pointed out? All the other teams in America, you know what they do? They say, ‘It’s his fault! It’s his fault! It’s his fault!’ Why are they getting f-king layups? Because people don’t concentrate! We’re trying to fake this shit like a game and you won’t cover the shit!”

Here’s the thing. Football practices across America often sound like the audio clip that apparently leaked from Georgia on Friday. It’s nothing particularly crazy or revealing in terms of the intensity in Smart’s voice.

However, that being said, it is rare that we have such a pure look behind the curtain of practice. It looks like Smart and the Bulldogs are putting a lot of emphasis on the visiting passing offense, which makes a lot of sense. And it looks like, at this particular time in this particular practice, the Georgia secondary wasn’t doing a very good job of covering for receivers.

This could certainly cause panic in Athens. It could also be a bad reputation. We don’t know the context.

Either way, if Tennessee exposes the high school all day Saturday, we’ve heard it coming. Literally.

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