L3Harris Technologies has joined the Republic of Singapore and local industry for over 25 years to provide world-class engineering, manufacturing, research and development to solve complex problems, support the Singapore Armed Forces and defend against evolving threats.

Additionally, the company supports commercial industry growth through pilot training, avionics equipment, flight data analysis and unmanned systems technology.

Our head office in the country demonstrates our commitment to the region. Our office includes Singapore staff and permanent residents and serves as a regional hub to expand business opportunities through South East Asia.

L3Harris is proud of our role in equipping all branches of the Singapore Armed Forces, as well as our partnerships with major Singapore companies to provide long-term support for our products and capabilities.

We are leading the discussion at Singapore Airshow 2022 on innovative technologies to meet critical needs in the region. Here is an overview of these key technologies – come see us at stand C-V75 for a demonstration or more information.

The connected battlefield

Defense organizations will soon have a true hub for the Connected Battlefield Network – a system that connects legacy tactical waveforms to new and emerging ones, and connects operators at the edge of the battlespace to decision makers across the echelon with uninterrupted and resilient communications.

In our booth, visitors can see our featured products and learn how to unify mission operators to smell further and strike sooner, including:

Binocular Night Vision Device – Merged

Falcon III F-7800H-MP Wideband HF/VHF Manpack Radio

ROVER Tactical Network

Falcon Radio product range

RF-7850D Multi-Channel Radio

Falcon III High Capacity LOS Radio

Shadow Ku-Band Flat Panel VSAT

Common Data Link System: Stinger & Rover


L3Harris provides the best ISR, SIGINT and strategic communications systems. Using large-scale technology developed over the past 65 years through company investment and partnership with the DoDour ISR platform solutions and services provide modern and advanced integration techniques merging onboard and offboard data collection and targeting into custom airborne mission system solutions.

L3Harris has extensive experience integrating ISR payloads onto military and commercial aircraft, and its mission systems, platforms, live operators and support teams have supported more than 1.5 million combat hours of ISR special operations and attack missions.

L3Harris’ integration solutions can be enhanced with its platform-independent modular open system architecture (MOSA), which is essential for rapid modification of airborne ISR capabilities. The company’s MOSA enables rapid integration of new technologies while avoiding vendor lock-in, reducing customer schedule risk and the overall cost of future upgrades.

L3Harris’ The WESCAM MX-Series portfolio of multi-sensor, multi-spectral electro-optical and infrared imaging and targeting systems are deployed worldwide, at varying distances and with overlapping fields of view, creating the opportunity uninterrupted surveillance of borders, forward operations bases, airfields and other vital assets.

electronic warfare

The electromagnetic spectrum permeates every aspect of modern mission. There is no success on the ground, at sea, in the air or in space without hitting the airwaves.

From multi-spectral situational awareness and highly accurate threat warning to sensor fusion and countermeasure capabilities, L3Harris electronic warfare solutions provide the critical advantage that saves lives, protects equipment and enables mission success.

L3Harris leverages its unique understanding of electromagnetic spectrum operations to provide a penetrating view of the threat landscape, protection against sophisticated, evolving and future threats, and the ability to exploit the spectrum for persistent tactical advantage.

Personalized SRI and mission management solutions

Our technology simplifies mission management for military operators.

The remote capability and compact design of the Hydra Common Control Head brings mission system operation from the aircraft fuselage into a small cockpit-mounted device. It allows the operator to simultaneously control up to 15 radios, sensors and radars, while its open architecture framework can be reconfigured for changing equipment needs.

The Weaver software suite integrates multiple ISR and communication data streams into a dynamic operating picture for improved crew coordination and situational awareness. Weaver operators can customize displays with maps, satellite imagery, waypoints, routes, sketches and other tactical graphics.

Widow is mission execution software that provides a common operating picture by intelligently combining video streams, images, geospatial data, and maps with tools that allow operators to maximize mission focus through its modular design. and scalable allowing users to adapt their user interfaces for various missions and system requirements.

Venom is a profitable product opposing air software suite that incorporates the latest air-to-air capabilities using commercial off-the-shelf components, enabling a desired look and feel in the cockpit. By combining a high-resolution tactical situational display that presents radar tracking and datalink information, threats, system status, and weapons engagement information with the Garmin G3000 Integrated flight deck touch controller and bezel key interfaces.

C-130 Solutions

We’ve supported C-130 fleets for over 35 years, serving a variety of we and international customers. Our C-130 solutions improve the availability, reliability and sustainability of C-130 fleets, with mature processes that reduce costs, planning risks and delivery times. Learn more about our C-130 modernization, missionization and maintenance solutions.

commercial aviation

Air travel continues to increase after the pandemic and it shows at the Singapore Air Show. Our commercial aviation team is here to meet international customers and discuss their needs. Visit us at booth C-V75 to find out how we help get aircraft back into service, as well as our long-term solutions for operational efficiency. We have representatives on hand to discuss key business topics including:

Progressive pilot training and full flight simulators

Advanced avionics for improved security and routing efficiency

New Flight Data Recorders providing the most data ever available for FDM/FOQA analysis

Improved solutions allowing operators to take advantage of aircraft connected via flight data services

Increased regional support in the Asia Pacific Region

please contact Jodie Jones at [email protected] by phone or WhatsApp at +1 602-606-2137 to schedule a specific time to speak with on-site representatives.

Space solutions

Our space capabilities form the basis for controlling the space domain, protecting assets and preserving strategic advantages. Trusted partner of Space Force and other agencies, L3Harris has served the space superiority mission for over 30 years.


Jim Burk


Phone: 321-727-9131

Phone. : 321-604-0067

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