Last war between Ukraine and Russia: Villainous Putin’s soldiers look DEAD in new footage after being captured in Luhansk

Johnson says UK military aid should ‘kick Russia out of Ukraine’

At a joint press conference in Kyiv with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky yesterday, Boris Johnson pledged his continued support for Ukraine.

“We will continue, as we have from the beginning, to provide the military equipment you need – and now, of course, the training that may be needed to accompany this new equipment – so that you, the people of Ukraine, Ukrainian army will be able to do what I think Ukrainians aspire to do, which is to expel the aggressor from Ukraine,” Johnson said.

“This will be the time to discuss the future of Ukraine and it will be against this backdrop of a free Ukraine that we and other countries will make the commitments and security guarantees that we have so often discussed.”

He said there is “evidence” that Russian troops are under “acute pressure” and suffer “heavy casualties”.

“Their spending on ammunition – shells and other weapons – is colossal. After 114 days of attacking Ukraine, they still haven’t achieved the goals they set for the first week,” he said.

“We are here once again to emphasize that we are with you to give you the strategic stamina you will need and we will help you to continue to intensify the sanctions against the Putin regime.”

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