LEBRON JAMES: ‘King’ furious at NBA GM’s support for Hong Kong protest

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NBA star LeBron James has backfired on a tweet from the former Houston Rockets general manager supporting Hong Kong protesters, a new ESPN report reveals.

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The Lakers superstar sang in the chorus of condemnation of Daryl Morey’s tweet which read, “Fight for Freedom. Stand by Hong Kong.

But according to ESPN, King James was more interested in having his own big bank account after China freaked out over the tweet. And Morey’s tweet came as the Lakers and Brooklyn Nets were scheduled to play a pair of exhibition games in China.

When James learned of his film, Space Jam: A New Legacy, won’t be released in China because of the hubbub, he panicked and contacted other players. The sordid NBA-China relationship rakes in billions of dollars a year, ESPN reports.

James called Morey “misinformed”.

YAY! DICTATORS! Riot police disperse pro-democracy protesters during a protest against the postponed election, in Hong Kong, China September 6, 2020. Photo by Tyrone Siu /Reuters

King James wrote: “I am not here to judge how the league has handled the situation. I just think when you’re misinformed or uneducated about something – and I’m only talking about the tweet itself – you never know the ramifications that can happen.

He added: “We all see what this has done, not just for our league but for all of us in America, for people in China as well. Sometimes you have to think about what you are saying that can harm not only yourself, but the majority of people. I think this is just a great example of that.

NBA boss Adam Silver says he regretted upsetting hoops fans in China, but refrained from criticizing the tweet.

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It wasn’t just LeBron, ESPN reported. Nets owner Joe Tsai, who has strong ties to Beijing powers, wanted Morey fired for the tweet. The Nets deny the claim.

Lebron’s geopolitical musings were branded hypocritical on the streets of Hong Kong and 200 protesters burned his jersey as they carried signs saying, “Stay with HK; Stay with Morey.

“In criticizing Daryl Morey on Monday, LeBron James endorsed a world where he is encouraged to call out his government for wrongdoing, but where China is above reproach,” he added. USA today columnist Dan Wolken wrote on Twitter at the time. “It’s the most shameful day of his career.”

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