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Vox VP of Audio Liz Nelson today announced that Long shape, the longtime interview podcast co-hosted by Max Linsky, Aaron Lammer and Evan Ratliff, joins Vox. Beginning with the August 11 episode of the show, Vox and the Vox Media podcast network will take on sales, marketing and distribution for Long shape, work with the Long form team as they broaden their scope to non-fiction mediums beyond writing – podcasting and documentary film in particular.

“Over the past nine years, Long form has become the place to go to hear about the true storytelling skills of some of the most famous and revolutionary creators of our time – and the struggles and triumphs that never appear in the final work, ”a said Liz Kelly Nelson, vice president of audio at Vox. “At Vox, we enjoy deep conversation and curiosity, and we look forward to welcoming Max, Aaron and Evan to our own community of creators and journalists.”

The show reaches a premium audience, and at Vox, Long form will have the opportunity to expand its audience by taking its place among an already strong lineup of interview shows, which includes Vox conversations (moderated by Jamil Smith and Sean Illing), Weeds (moderated by Matt Yglesias), Recode the media (moderated by Peter Kafka), and Worldly (moderated by Zack Beauchamp and Jennifer Williams). Additionally, Vox Media Podcast Network’s larger list of like-minded shows, which features programming from networks including new York Magazine, The Verge, and more, will feature Long form other promotional opportunities.

“We have been huge fans of Vox since its inception and have been so impressed with what this group is building in audio – we are thrilled with what this partnership will mean for our show,” said Long form co-host Max Linsky. “After having produced Long form independently for nearly a decade, with nearly 500 episodes in the catalog, the chance to reach a whole new audience alongside some of the smartest people in media was a no-brainer.

The news follows a busy year for Vox Media Podcast Network, which acquired Cafe, Preet Bharara’s first podcast media company in April, and recently announced a strategic partnership with the beloved food podcast. Gastropod. The network also plans to launch more than a dozen new shows or seasons in 2021.

About Long form

Aaron Lammer and Max Linsky co-founded Longform.org, a site that lists and recommends the best non-fiction on the web, in 2010. Most recently, Lammer is the creator and host of 2021 Quit the scam, a leading narrative podcast on the mysterious death of a Canadian cryptocurrency executive and the layers of fraud behind it. (He’s also a member of Francis and the Lights.) Max Linsky is the co-founder of podcast company Pineapple Street Studios, and has also created and hosted 70 over 70, the acclaimed show that asks the big questions of the world. life of 70 remarkable people over 70 years old. Evan Ratliff is a longtime reporter for magazines like Wired and The New Yorker, co-founder of The Atavist Magazine and author of The Mastermind: Drugs. Empire. Murder. Treason.

About Vox

Vox explains the news. In a world where there is too much information and too little context, too much noise and too little insight, Vox reporters candidly guide audiences through politics and politics, business and pop culture, science and all that matters, by empowering its audience with the context they need to answer questions they didn’t know they had. Vox is home to influential verticals including Recode, The Goods and The Highlight; a strong line of podcasts including “Today Explained”, “Weeds” and more; and an acclaimed video production with popular series like “Explained” on Netflix, and “Missing Chapter” and the award-winning “Earworm” show on YouTube.

About the Vox Media podcast network

Named by Adweek as the ‘Podcast Network of the Year 2020’, Vox Media Podcast Network has over 200 active shows featuring leading editorial voices and storytellers from Vox Media networks and beyond. From daily news and tech to culture and sports, talk shows and interviews to news and rich storytelling, the Vox Media podcast network is one of the largest, most popular premium podcast collections. dynamic and diverse. Learn more about the Vox Media Podcast Network here.

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