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Modularity for scalability

September 2021
IT in manufacturing

As industrial networks continue to evolve, connectivity requirements for applications also increase, with more and more devices being interconnected. Building a flexible, scalable and reliable network capable of adapting to the increasing scale and diversity of industrial networks is becoming a major concern today. Therefore, companies are looking for truly versatile and easy to maintain solutions to ensure smooth operations while reducing costs.

Centralized underground security monitoring system

In the mining industry, automated underground control systems are deployed and integrated to achieve optimum operational efficiency. There are many automated underground control systems to keep mining operations running smoothly and safety monitoring systems to check personnel and machinery condition. As field staff and machines constantly move between different sites over rough terrain, operators rely on a robust wireless communication system to connect staff and machines and capture multiple simultaneous live image streams to monitor underground activities.

Moxa’s MDS-G4000 Modular Switch Series offers a mixed Gigabit platform that provides adaptive networking capability to meet the demands of many evolving scenarios through high scalability, flexibility, reliability and maintenance effortlessly.

The MDS-G4000 product family supports a wide range of media interface modules. Each module is equipped with four ports to allow even more combinations, allowing users to scale networks at a granular level, as needed. No need to worry about future scalability or switching to different types of media ports, as MDS-G4000 devices provide a single, adjustable platform for the future.

Network flexibility on demand

Moxa’s solution

The security monitoring system includes both surface and underground communication systems. One of the challenges of this application is that devices located underground are difficult to maintain. To overcome this problem, the MDS-G4028-L3 series features a modular design that can be equipped with a combination of different interface modules for up to 24 ports, giving network operators the option of reserving unused ports for future expansion as connectivity demands soar. .

These Layer 3 Ethernet switches also support Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), which uses “link state” instead of “hop count” to determine the network route. Compared to Routing Information Protocol (RIP), OSPF has faster network convergence and consumes less network traffic. Since mining sites involve multiple machines and personnel working together, ensuring the safety of the entire ecosystem is critical. Operators must constantly monitor the condition of the network and ensure that operations are not interrupted.

To increase the reliability of the entire network, the MDS-G4028-L3 series includes hot-swappable modules that can be easily replaced without any tools, minimizing downtime. In addition, the two isolated power inputs provide back-up power in the event of failure of one of the power inputs. In addition, the software supports VRRP, which will automatically reassign traffic to another switch in the event of a switch failure, to avoid causing major network problems. The compact and rugged enclosure includes a rugged DIN rail mounting kit that fits tight cabinet spaces and is designed to withstand the strong vibrations that are common in mining sites. Front hardwired wiring coupled with panel display indicators further simplifies deployment and provides real-time status checking.

Support for Layer 3 routing functionality enables these switches to facilitate the deployment of applications across different networks, making them ideal for large-scale industrial networks. In addition, MDS-G4000-L3 series has a user-friendly HTML5-based web interface providing responsive and smooth user experience on different platforms and browsers.


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