MOHR Test and Measurement Launches Best-in-Class Cable Analyzer for Commercial Aviation Market


RICHLAND, Washington – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – After thousands of successful implementations in government, nuclear and defense industries, MOHR Test and Measurement now offers its best field-deployable cable tester to the commercial aerospace / MRO market. This highly innovative device can now help aircraft maintenance organizations reduce maintenance hours and maximize uptime by reducing or even preventing cable failures, as has been proven in the aircraft industry. defense.

The latest iteration of the CT100 series, the CT100B, uses a unique combination of stepping pulse TDR technology, highly refined electronics and user-friendly software to precisely locate electrical faults and other anomalies than others. devices just can not solve. For example, intermittent faults present for as little as 2 milliseconds can be located anywhere on a cell within minutes. Partial faults, system degradation over time, improper cable routing, and environmental damage can all be resolved before a system failure occurs. The CT100B can be used as a stand-alone device or in conjunction with a modular cable analyzer. Analyzers can find which circuit the fault resides in, while the CT100B can pinpoint its exact location. The MOHR CT100B has been proven to minimize costly replacements and increase the safety of all electrical systems, including buses.

When asked about this development in the commercial aviation space, Senior Engineer Dr. Charles Mohr replied, “Having supplied thousands of CT100 series cable analyzers to the military, the feedback has been fantastic. . Our customers explained that the CT100 has saved countless hours and increased safety to new levels. We are excited to be able to provide this same level of precision to the commercial MRO space and beyond. ”

For more information on MOHR test and measurement, the CT100B and its launch in this new arena, please visit MOHR CT100B Information.

About MOHR test and measurement

MOHR Test and Measurement, headquartered on the banks of the Columbia River in Richland, Washington, with roots in the nuclear industry, has been providing precision measurement solutions to many industries for over 30 years. When there is no room for error, think MOHR.


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