Most NextGens in India Use Music and Podcasts to Reduce Stress: Report

Bombay: Listening to audio – music and podcasts – acts as a stress reliever for a majority of Indian millennials (87 percent) and Gen Z (77 percent), according to a new report from Swedish music streaming company Spotify .

The report – Culture Next – showed that about 84% of Millennials see audio as a resource for mental health, while 79% of Gen Z believe audio is a source of healing.

Mental health podcasts have seen the most impressive growth – an increase of over 600% among millennials and over 900% among Gen Z.

Almost 80% of Gen Zers feel “more centered and generally happier” when they listen to their favorite music every day. Millennials and Gen Z (48%) also trust podcasts more than traditional media sources, including TV news, newspapers and radio.

Additionally, Gen Z listeners on Spotify in India expect brands to represent and empower them through their campaigns, talent partnerships, and active role in social justice movements.

Meanwhile, 68% of millennials said they love audio advertising because it allows them to use their imaginations to imagine everything in their head.

“For both generations, audio is the most immersive form of media and there is a great opportunity for brands to build communities and campaigns based on the common interests and passion of their target audience on our platform. . context to think about how they can work with us, ”Arjun Kolady, India Sales Manager, Spotify, said in a statement.

Globally, 70% of Gen Y and 62% of Gen Z believe that streaming platforms in general, including audio, have significantly shaped the way they experience and connect with culture in the sense large.

About 55% of Millennials and 47% of Gen Z believe they are now part of a global community through music or podcasts. A majority of them also believe that brands have the power to create communities based on a common interest and passion.

For the report, Spotify conducted a combination of qualitative, quantitative and first-party data analysis, examining Gen Z (ages 15 to 25) and Millennials (ages 26 to 40) in April 2021. .

The survey was conducted in 18 markets, with 9,000 respondents from Generation Y and Generation Z (500 per market): United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, United States United, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Japan, Australia, UAE, Thailand and Malaysia.

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