Nintendo Switch OLED not supporting 4K leaves many developers disappointed

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Nintendo is currently the only company that excels in the handheld game market and has remained in the market despite some initial difficulties. Its Switch console has taken the market by storm and has helped the company maintain its position on the Asian continent.

However, Nintendo’s latest console lacks a particular feature that rivals Sony and Microsoft currently have and its support for high-fidelity 4K graphics.

I know we’re all disappointed, but is anyone more disappointed than us than the many developers who were working on 4K games using a software toolkit provided by Nintendo.


Employees at 11 game companies said their teams have Nintendo’s 4K SDK for the Switch. These companies span the globe, from large publishers to small studios, and include at least one that has never made a console game before, Zynga Inc.

The latest Switch model, the Nintendo Switch OLED, goes on sale October 8e, 2021. It will sport a larger screen than current versions, use OLED technology for better color and contrast, and, at $ 350, cost more than its predecessors.

But, based on reports, Nintendo isn’t expected to release a system capable of handling 4K games until late next year at the earliest. This leaves Nintendo at a technical disadvantage compared to its rivals.

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However, this delay is also causing developers to lose confidence in the business, as they have spent months adapting their games to take advantage of the improved hardware capabilities.

It’s also true that the Kyoto, Japan-based company has a habit of quietly putting away a lot of products over the years for strategic reasons or technical challenges. So we can expect the company to even decide not to fully launch the 4K product.

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