Nu Visual Rentals develops the audiovisual industry

Barbados’ first AV rental company with a fully automated online booking and confirmation process will launch later this month [March]. Nu Visual Rentals’ mission is to assist in the development of the audiovisual sectors in Barbados while leveraging
technology to become the one stop shop for musicians, live streamers, photographers, film/videographers and event producers on the island for their equipment rental needs.

Founded by Ashley Hope, CEO of AccuSounds Inc.; and Damien Pinder, Director of Nu Visual Media Inc., the duo is committed to equipping people with the tools they need to be more competitive locally, regionally and internationally.

According to Hope, “there is an incredible talent pool in Barbados, but buying the equipment is not cheap. It not only compromises the quality of services offered, but slows the development of industries continue to grow to become viable sources of income for Barbados.This is where we come in to provide rental options, so practitioners can focus on improving their talents and quality offerings instead to worry about the cost of purchase, shipping logistics and tasks associated with the items.

Pinder, former president of the Barbados Film and Video Association for three consecutive terms, added: “We will not only serve professionals, but we will also have options for the everyday man and woman. While international productions come to Barbados on and off, Barbadian creatives and technicians are here every day. For this reason, development is at the heart of what we do, and therefore our company’s goal is to serve Barbadians first, as we take great pride in what we do in helping our own grow.
to become more competitive. »

Pinder continued, “We are starting with a small inventory that will grow to meet the needs of our customers as they themselves grow to push the boundaries of what we have to offer. Ashley and I are not just techies and creatives who rent out our equipment when not in use, but we have found this self-sustaining rental company that has made significant investments to purchase rental-only equipment while maintaining the uninterrupted operations of our respective core businesses.

With the company’s instant booking feature on when it launches on March 28, people will be able to enjoy a simple and hassle-free rental process. Customers will be able to manage their reservations seamlessly through the creation of a personal profile.

Everything, including price and availability checks, as well as collection time, can be done through the website. No need to call or email and no need to wait for confirmation as users can confirm their reservation any time of the day or night.

Pinder concluded: “We are really excited to launch the website and have already started phased discussions regarding the creation of a mobile app with developers for Android and iOS, which we will bring to life in the near future. . We look forward to to continue our mission to change the fabric of the audiovisual industry in Barbados with the development of
this company.

Follow @nuvisualrentals on Facebook and Instagram for more information on their launch and inventory and stay tuned to the website.

**** About Nu Visual Rentals:
Nu Visual Rentals is a joint venture between media entrepreneurs Damien Pinder and Ashley Hope of Nu Visual Media Inc. and AccuSounds Inc. respectively.

Founded in 2022 and launched at the end of March with the development of the various sectors as the main objective. Its aim is to provide industry practitioners and enthusiasts with easy access to quality equipment for all levels, enabling them to be more competitive regionally and internationally.

As a development-oriented company, if something is not in their inventory; they can find a solution through their in-depth knowledge of what is on offer in Barbados while continuing to develop strategic partnerships.

Nu Visual Rentals offers student rental discounts in connected AV areas, and multi-day and weekly rate discounts. All backed by the assurance of a quality experience, from customer service to post-rental assistance.

The inventory does not only consist of high-end equipment, but also includes simple items ranging from televisions and projectors to light boxes and capture cards that allow the use of an external camera during video calls.

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