October 2021 Apple Unleashed Event Live: New MacBook Pro M1X, AirPods 3, and Pro 2 Expected


For people who don’t care about MacBooks (how dare you), as I mentioned earlier, there may also be AirPods action.

Apple’s true wireless headphones have proven to be extremely popular (I see them everywhere … usually in people’s ears), so a new version would make a lot of people happy.

Our audio editor Olivia Tambini has put together a list of six things she wants to see from the Apple AirPods 3, to help you get an idea of ​​what upgrades we might get.

Design-wise, it looks like a lot of people want Apple to bring more color options to the new MacBooks, like it did with the iMac earlier this year.

“I want more color options, unlikely as that may be, says Jess.“ Why should the Air / iMac / iPad Air 4 be having fun? ”

Daryl, meanwhile, wants “the Apple logo on the back of these new MacBooks to shine again or the rainbow logo to make a comeback. Just because.”

And John Loeffler, our American IT writer, says “bring back the translucent colored plastic frame!”

(Image credit: Apple)

I think he’s kidding. Now, I hope he’s …

Most rumors about the upcoming MacBooks point to a pretty drastic overhaul ahead, but we won’t know what they’ll look like until Apple introduces them later today (hopefully). Still, some people online have created renderings of what they think or hope MacBooks will look like, like these:

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Could New MacBooks Look Like These? Maybe that would definitely make them more in tune with the new iPhone and iMac designs.

Well … look who’s awake!

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So what does Daryl Baxter, our software writer, think Apple will show today, regarding macOS Monterey?

“I think Universal Control will launch as a ‘beta feature’ that users can opt in. The notch on newer MacBooks will most likely be hidden, thanks to the the menu bar can now be displayed in other places: “

Having Universal Control as a beta feature will be a bit of a disappointment for some, as it’s easily one of Monterey’s best new features, allowing you to easily set up an iPad as a second display on your Mac or MacBook, and use Mac keyboard and mouse to control the iPad.

If it’s included as a beta feature, that means it won’t be fully functional, so there may be bugs and issues with how it works. Personally, I’d rather Apple not include it until it’s final, rather than include it early on, bugs and all.

Daryl also believes that iOS 15.1 will launch “on the same date as Monterey so SharePlay can shine.

If we do get new MacBooks today, we should know more about the macOS 12 Monterey release date. This is the next version of the operating system that Macs and MacBooks run on, and all new Mac devices announced today will likely launch with this one pre-installed.

While you’ve been able to download the public beta of macOS Monterey for some time now, we haven’t heard from when the software will actually be released, so if Apple announces any new MacBooks (and it’s very likely it will be at that time). stadium), then it makes sense to also announce when macOS Monterey will be available. In addition to being preinstalled on all new MacBooks, it will also be offered as a free upgrade for compatible Macs and MacBooks.

So, what does Jess Weatherbed, our IT writer, expect from all new MacBooks today?

“1080p camera please, for god’s sake,” is his refreshing and candid response. From some of the rumors we’ve heard, she might be in luck!

Are you wondering why you can’t buy an iPhone today? As we mentioned earlier, the Apple Store has been removed in preparation for the later event, which means that for anyone who wants to buy an Apple device directly from Apple, you will need to hold on tight.

Tom Bedford from our phone team has put together a good explanation of why you can’t buy an iPhone right now with more details.

One of the more persistent rumors about the new MacBooks suggests that Apple may be removing the Touch Bar from the 16-inch model. If you haven’t used it, the Touch Bar is a small, thin screen that runs across the top of the keyboard and displays pop-up buttons, depending on which app you’re using.

As you can see in the tweet below, these features were quite divisive. Some people found it useful, while others felt it was a gimmick that just made the MacBooks it appeared on more expensive.

I’m a little torn about this. It had its uses, but not enough to really justify its presence, so if Apple To killed it, I wouldn’t particularly miss it, especially if it resulted in a cheaper, thinner, and lighter MacBook Pro.

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Our editor, Gareth Beavis, has high hopes for the Apple event:

“Today’s event could be seismic for Apple – the waves the M1 chipset has caused have been huge in the computing world and have instantly put Apple in the conversation for the best internal hardware, so any upgrade here will increase. That momentum. And with the holidays and Black Friday approaching, the new AirPods will give those desperate for improved sound something to wish for, while still slashing the price of the old tech even further, giving Apple two bites of the. .. well, you know. “

While there is a lot of excitement (especially from me) about the potential new MacBooks being shown today, there have also been rumors of new AirPods coming up.

Here’s what Olivia Tambini, our audio editor, thinks we might see today:

“We hope for a launch of the AirPods 3 whenever a new Apple event is announced – and so far we’ve been disappointed every time. 3 will be unveiled today, according to industry analyst Dan Ives. We’re entering today’s event hoping to see the new headphones, and we can’t wait to see how Apple has upgraded the AirPods for 2021. As for the AirPods Pro 2? We don’t think it’s very likely, but never say never … “

Image of the broken Apple Store

(Image credit: Apple)

Here is what you will be faced with if you try to go to the Apple online store. I don’t know how much of this is essential maintenance and how much of it is just hype. After all, most businesses can add new devices to their stores without having to take everything apart.

Still, it does help add to the general hype of an Apple event …

It seems that the line Apple Store was withdrawn prior to today’s event. If this is your first rodeo, don’t panic! Downtime is normal on the day of an Apple event, usually done by Apple itself rather than crashing for nefarious reasons.

You can still access the site, but you’ll be taken to a waiting screen that says, “We’ll be back right away. Updates are coming to the Apple Store. Check back soon” if you try to click on any of the purchase links.

It will likely come back online in sections as products are announced during the event or after the event ends. If you’re desperate to get your hands on some new AirPods 3 or a beefy 16-inch MacBook Pro, warm your fingers to practice adding to the cart quickly – given the current global shortage of chips, there’s no way you can. find out if the stock will be plentiful to avoid disappointing potential customers as the holiday season approaches.

Even with only a few hours left until the event starts, we still get a lot of rumors and leaks. The latest batch suggests that the new 14in and 16in MacBook Pro laptops might come with super slim screens, which could mean they have an iPhone-style notch for the webcam.

That would mean these new MacBooks could get a pretty radical overhaul, which is certainly a good thing. Apple has kept its fairly similar MacBook designs for several years now, so we’d like a big redesign like that of the 24in iMac earlier this year.

However, having a webcam notch may not appeal to everyone. I’m not entirely convinced of this rumor, but a few sources have now mentioned it. At least we won’t have to wait long to find out …

Hello everyone! We have another Apple event to look forward to today. We’ll bring you all the latest news as you build and during today’s “Unleashed” event.

If you want to put yourself in the zone a little more, crank up your speakers for the 12-second teaser video (below) posted by Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Greg Joswiak.

There’s a strong hint that today’s announcement will be speed related, which matches rumors suggesting we’ll see a more powerful version of Apple’s computer chip – currently dubbed M1X – in newer MacBooks. Pro.

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