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Kozhikode: The investigation into the abduction of Ashraf, originally from Koyilandy, by a quotation gang has taken a new turn, with police examining the alleged involvement in the murder of TP Chandrasekharan, convicted Kodi Suni in incidents related to the gold smuggling that led to the kidnapping.
This new development comes as Customs investigate the alleged role of the murder of TP accused Mohammed Shafi and Kodi Suni in the Karipur gold smuggling case and their links to the gang led by arrested accused Arjun Ayanki.
Police recovered an audio clip allegedly of Kodi Suni, who is now incarcerated in Viyyur Prison, from Ashraf’s cell phone, raising suspicion that he intervened on behalf of the gang who took the 2 kg of smuggled gold brought by Ashraf on his return from Saudi Arabia on May 29. Koduvally’s rival gang kidnapped Ashraf, accusing him of giving the gang the smuggled gold after receiving the money.
The person who identifies as Kodi Suni is heard saying in the audio clip, “The (golden) business that was with Ashraf was taken by my friends. You shouldn’t go behind. The guy who brought it (Ashraf) doesn’t know about this case. They are my company. You pass the information on to people you know ”.
There have been allegations that Suni and Shafi are involved in the operations of Kannur gangs that steal contraband gold. It is suspected that the duo’s alleged involvement in the operation was intended to protect against lawsuits from the owner of the gold, who hires the carrier to smuggle the contraband through the airport.
Vadakara lawmaker SP KK Abdul Shareef said the audio clip needs to undergo a forensic examination to determine if the voice belongs to Suni. He added that the main objective of the investigation was to arrest the kidnappers of Ashraf. Meanwhile, the Customs Preventive Wing has gathered details of the incident and is likely to prosecute the case.
Meanwhile, the opposition had stepped up its attack on CPM last month after an audio clip of an alleged conversation between an unidentified member of a racket stealing contraband gold with a carrier surfaced. last month which mentions the involvement of Kodi Suni and Mohammed Shafi in the gold theft. operations.
The audio clip had indicated that a third of the product was to be handed over to those named as “part” in the clip to ensure the carrier’s protection.

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