Poll: Suga’s support drops below 30% for the first time

CGTN released this video clip, titled “Poll: Suga’s Support Drops Below 30% For The First Time” – below is their description.

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Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s approval rating has fallen to 28 percent, according to a survey by Asahi Shimbun newspaper. This is the lowest since Suga took office last September. Sixty percent of those polled said they didn’t want the 72-year-old to remain prime minister and one in three disapproved of the Olympics being held. Many blame the Olympics for the recent surge in COVID-19 infections in #Japan. The slow rollout of vaccination in Japan is also considered to have hurt Suga’s popularity.

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Japan is divided into 47 administrative prefectures and eight traditional regions. The Greater Tokyo area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world, with over 37.4 million people.

Japan is a great power and a member of many international organizations, including the United Nations (since 1956), the OECD and the G7. Japan is a leader in the automotive and electronics industries.

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