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As the business world evolves into a new normal, it is crucial that progressive local businesses embrace the best of both worlds. The benefits of virtual working are now well known, and companies are keen to preserve some of the convenience, flexibility and adaptability that remote working promises. In fact, a survey of 161 Filipino business leaders showed that 73% see their organizations implementing a work-from-home policy even after the COVID-19 pandemic has mitigated.

With the proliferation of technology and changing working habits in the country, the volume of phone calls, conference calls, teleconferences and interactions with customers has in turn increased. The country’s information technology and business process outsourcing industry is also booming and is expected to create more than 130,000 jobs by 2022.[2]. However, this remote and virtual shift has also resulted in an increase in the number of daily micro-frustrations negatively affecting businesses and customer satisfaction.


Part of the Demant Group with operations in over 30 countries around the world, premium audio brand EPOS, made its debut today in the Philippines by launching premium products for its ADAPT, EXPAND and IMPACT series. . Its launch in the Philippines is aligned with the brand’s continued commitment to develop, innovate and deliver pioneering premium audio solutions for the region’s new era professionals.

EPOS draws on more than 115 years of Demant Group’s experience in audio innovation

EPOS research found that 95% of today’s workforce admit that their focus and efficiency at work suffered from audio issues, resulting in emotional impact, with 35% reporting feelings of frustration, irritation and annoyance due to bad sound. Another survey found that 20% of respondents say bad sound causes customer dissatisfaction and 15% even lost a customer due to bad audio experiences, which has a direct financial impact.

By acting now, decision makers can solve immediate audio issues in their organization and mitigate the risks they pose to the business in the long run. By understanding and responding to employee needs, they can create a strong hybrid work model that will in turn help secure future talent.

“We are excited to launch EPOS in the Philippines and look forward to supporting the country’s hybrid work professionals with premium audio and video solutions. With a deeply rooted passion for hearing experiences, EPOS strongly believes in the perfect balance between great sound and maximum comfort so that we can deliver cutting-edge audio experiences to empower users to achieve their goals and perform. with greater agility, ”shares Seah Hong Kiat, vice president, EPOS Enterprise Solutions, Asia Pacific.


At the heart of EPOS will be the ambition to take a great sound experience for business to the next level – with the clear goal of helping individuals as well as teams across the Philippines achieve their full potential through the power of audio. As such, EPOS showcased its three key enterprise product lines to help businesses navigate the new work configuration – ADAPT, EXPAND and IMPACT.

The ADAPT line is a premium series of headsets for those who want to make flawless business calls from anywhere – from wireless functionality to active noise cancellation (ANC) – these headsets can meet the needs of users. and their way of working. This product line is inspired by professionals who need to collaborate and work from multiple locations on different devices without ever compromising on style or crystal clear sound, no matter the environment.

The ADAPT 100 series uses EPOS Voice â„¢ technology with a noise-canceling microphone to optimize the user’s voice and enhance their calls, and the built-in EPOS ActiveGard® technology protects users from acoustic shock.

The EXPAND line is a series of premium speaker phones designed for collaboration. With improved voice pickup and superior sounds, all conference call participants can participate and engage with the same confidence and clarity as if they were in person.

The EXPAND 80 Series features a scalable Bluetooth® speakerphone for up to 16 participants in the room – designed to unite colleagues in and beyond meeting rooms across the world

Finally, the IMPACT range is perfect for professionals who work in dynamic office spaces and spend long hours on the phone. The IMPACT range is created to improve efficiency and provide an excellent customer experience. Each mode is designed to be comfortable to wear, to perform flawlessly, and to be fully compatible with other devices and systems.

The IMPACT MB Pro series delivers natural audio experiences with EPOS Voice â„¢ technology and optimized speech with an ultra-noise-reducing microphone.

“Technology solutions today offer a clear way to bridge the gap between differing expectations and priorities: high-quality integrated audiovisual solutions have the potential to bring the best of both worlds to post-pandemic work. Additionally, by helping to eliminate distractions, collaboration technology improves both human interaction and increases professionalism, helping businesses achieve a golden standard for the hybrid workplace. With many Filipinos expressing a desire to work remotely, companies need to ensure that they will be able to provide the right technology solutions to their employees to build professionalism and effectively navigate the hybrid model. shares Alex Lim, Sales Director, EPOS Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

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