Pull down “story out of context”

Fair Wages and Salaries Commission

The Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) has asked an Accra-based radio station to remove a story it says was taken out of context.

A statement from the Commission, signed by Mr. Michael Youri, said: ‘We respectfully request that the Organization either remove the story with the unfortunate comments or rewrite the story to place the interview in its proper context.’

He said the online story, which was also posted on a Facebook page, in a short time generated more than 1.4 million reactions and more than 313,000 comments, most of which were insults, threats, assassinations and political coloring of readers, who had not had the opportunity to listen to the interview.

The statement said the situation could have been avoided if, in accordance with normal practice, the news network had released the audio of the interview along with the text.

The statement explained that in an interview with the radio station, while answering questions about the National Labor Commission’s invitation to the FWSC and the Ghana University Teachers Association, the Acting Director of the Research, Monitoring, Evaluation and Head of Public Affairs of the FWSC, Mr. Earl Ankrah, cited the country’s laws and policy instruments to explain in general the obligation of employers and employees to be transparent and in good faith in the workplace.

He said, however, that the report “deliberately chose to place the interview out of the context of the interview itself”.

The story went on to erroneously attribute a quote to Mr. Ankrah that UTAG failed to honor the National Labor Commission’s invitation on Tuesday when indeed UTAG’s invitation was not for that day.”

The statement described Mr Ankrah as an “accomplished professional”, who had served the nation bravely throughout his career, beginning with state broadcaster, Ghana Television and now, “a valiant defender of remuneration policy single-column at the FWSC” and directed the Radio Station to remake the story in “appropriate context” or take it down.

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