Pure IP launches Connected Voice in Australia, an online cloud telephony delivery solution for small and medium businesses

Pure IP, one of the world’s leading providers of enterprise voice communications, is delighted to announce the Australian launch of Connected Voice, a low-touch, cost-effective solution for small and medium-sized businesses looking to add voice to Microsoft Teams or Zoom Phone.

Specifically designed for organizations with 100 to 500 users, Connected Voice enables businesses to order telephony services for Microsoft Teams (using Operator Connect or Direct Routing) or Zoom Phone in minutes. The service uses Pure IP’s secure and reliable cloud-based voice network and eliminates the need for on-site voice call hardware.

As an automated, cloud-based service, Connected Voice deployment is fast, simple, and requires minimal manual intervention from customers. The only information customers will need to place an order will be the number of users they need and proof of address.

“Adoption of cloud telephony via Microsoft Teams and Zoom has accelerated over the past year for businesses of all sizes, although according to market statistics, it appears that less than 30% of SMBs have moved there. their telephony,” noted Gary Forrest, CEO of Pure IP, “Consolidating their communications stack to cloud solutions has tremendous potential to reduce their costs and simplify their operations. Connected Voice is designed to simplify the process of migrating from telephony to the cloud, remove some of the barriers, and provide small organizations with a cost-effective solution that quickly unlocks the full benefits of voice through Microsoft Teams and Zoom Phone.

Once connected to Pure IP’s secure and reliable voice network, businesses will benefit from 24/7 technical support and direct access to a team of voice experts, as well as an online portal. self-service line with advanced management capabilities. Customers will enjoy additional key benefits, including:

  • Cost effective: transparent “pay for what you use” pricing model

  • Simple: quick and easy installation

  • Reliable: secure, resilient and geo-redundant voice connectivity

  • Flexible: Designed to support bursts of use without disconnecting calls.

About pure intellectual property

Pure IP has been at the forefront of enterprise voice communications solutions worldwide for over 18 years and prides itself on solving complex voice problems, backed by exceptional customer service and technical excellence.

Utilizing its own secure, resilient and fully redundant SIP-based voice network, combined with a technically managed service, Pure IP provides a modular, flexible and always up-to-date solution to meet ever-changing customer telephony requirements.

With comprehensive PSTN replacement services in 45 different countries, service coverage in a total of 137 countries and a 24/7 international support operation, Pure IP has the global capabilities to satisfy even the largest multinational organizations. .

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