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Sam Lloyd has come a long way. He started out as a local pizza delivery boy and made $9 an hour. He now holds a position as Data Security Operations Manager at Microsoft ANZ.

But his journey has not been easy.

A self-proclaimed ‘defence brat’, some of Lloyd’s earliest memories were of hearing about his father’s adventures with the Australian Navy. So when he graduated from high school, it seemed a natural place to turn.

The MSSA program helps provide veterans, like former Navy officer Sam Loyd (pictured), with skills to work in the tech industry.

“I had no idea what else to do. During these key years at school, years 11 and 12, I didn’t have a course that I particularly liked and that could direct me towards a specific profession.

life at sea

The navy gave Lloyd the leadership – the chance to manage a team and learn navigation, as well as hone his communication skills. It also took him as far as the Middle East.

During his service, Lloyd made new friends and saw parts of the world that few Australians visit. But being a naval officer also had its downsides.

Life at sea was exciting, but Lloyd increasingly missed special occasions at home with family and friends.

“One of the biggest challenges of being in the military is that you can’t plan your life. You have to be constantly adaptable. Things change in the world and suddenly you go to sea and you don’t know when you will come back,” he says.

It was fun for a while, but as he got older, Lloyd’s priorities started to change. After a full decade with the Navy, Lloyd made the difficult decision to transition to civilian life.

“It was scary as hell,” he says.

A case of bad timing

Back on solid ground, Lloyd embarked on sound engineering studies. But COVID-19 hit just as he was graduating. Sound studios have closed and jobs in the audio industry have become scarcer than ever. It was a difficult time and Lloyd spent the next 18 months unemployed.

“It really sucked,” he says bluntly.

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