Saudi Arabia to host World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit in Riyadh

RIYADH: The National Cybersecurity Authority is launching its second edition of the Global Security Forum on November 9 and 10 at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh.

The forum, which will be held this year under the theme “Rethinking the Global Cyber ​​Order”, aims to strengthen cooperation on cybersecurity issues, exchange knowledge between participants and find innovative solutions to cyber threats to which the countries of the Security Council Gulf cooperation are facing.

In an increasingly digital world, the cyber landscape is more complex than ever.

GSF 2022 explores five sub-themes that address the ever-changing socioeconomic and geopolitical considerations shaping global cyberspace.

The first sub-theme, “Geo-Cyber ​​Evolution”, is concerned with understanding the evolution of the international order of cyberspace. Sessions will cover topics such as geotechnology competition and conflict as well as opportunities for stability and peace.

Through interactive simulations and case studies, the second sub-theme, “Disruption Frontier”, will explore future technologies as potential solutions to current and future cybersecurity threats.

Under the third sub-theme, “Cybereconomics”, sessions will focus on how the exploitation of market forces, incentives and economic governance shape cyberspace.

Covering the human dimensions of cybersecurity, the fourth sub-theme, “The Future of Cyberwork”, will address how to attract, retain and foster highly skilled talent by understanding the challenges and incentives and the different dimensions of competition.

The final sub-theme, “No One Left Behind,” will address the challenges women face in cybersecurity, foster greater diversity and inclusion, and discuss ways to ensure children everywhere can benefit from cyberspace.

Organizers describe the event as “action-oriented”, bringing together the best minds from government, private sector, civil society and academia to advance the global cybersecurity agenda and create a safer cyberspace.

GSF 2022 will also include solution design sessions, pavilions, panel discussions and memorandum signings.

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