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8/1/2021: Translate any object
One of the cool things the Google Translate app does is superimpose an English translation on the handwriting displayed on an object that you point your camera at.

08/02/21: Regex to find dupes
You can use this regular expression search to find the first instance where two words repeat one after the other in any text:
( b w + b) (? =. * b 1 b)

3/8/2021: RegEx to find file names
You can use this regular expression search to find filenames with a three character extension: ^[w,s-]+ .[A-Za-z]{3} $

08/04/21: Regex to find social security numbers
Successfully find social security numbers in sample text. Remove the ^ cursor so that you can find SSNs that do not start at the start of a new line.

8/5/2021: WEP WIFI protocol is not secure
If you connect to a WIFI network that uses WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) or TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol), you should be warned by Windows 10 that the network is not secure.

08/06/21: Limits of an index for the analysis of relativity
Preprocessing will remove numbers and symbols from an Analytics index, and also make all source text lowercase.

7/8/2021: Changing the location of a crawl index
An administrator can change the location of a crawl index or a set of structured crawls from their original location on a server. Indexes and Structured Analysis Sets must be in the same location, and only one location can be used for both. While moving, scan operations cannot be performed.

8/8/2021: SD Ind. Decision in a case of theft of trade secrets and confidential information by a former employee
“It is up to both parties to reduce their protracted scorched earth litigation strategies and move, with the leadership of the trial judge, to prompt resolution of the remaining disputes. ” Bioconvergence LLC c. Attariwala, # 1: 19-cv-01745-SEB-MG, 2021 US Dist. LEXIS 147766, at * 32 (SD Ind. August 5, 2021).

08/09/2021: First steps with the analysis of relativity
Perform repeated identification of content; assemble conceptually rich documents in a saved search; complete and build the index; perform grouping and categorization.

10/08/2021: Butters’ Law – Networks continue to accelerate
The amount of data that can be transmitted over an optical fiber will double every 9 months.

8/11/2021: windows command to get the size of the files in the folder
powershell -noprofile -command “ls -r | measure -sum Length”
Powershell can be activated from the command prompt.

8/12/2021: Audio recording system only under Windows 10
Use the free Windows Voice Recorder app and set the default recording device to Stereo Mix.

8/13/2021: Windows command to check network status

08/14/2021: Latent semantic indexing
LSI uses a matrix where each word is listed on a separate row and each document is listed on a separate column. The degree of similarity between two documents is calculated by finding the cosine of the angle between the two vectors formed by two columns. A value close to 1 will indicate that they are very similar. A value closer to 0 will show that they are more dissimilar.

08/15/2021: Latent semantic indexing
Mathematics can justify closely related terms that have no real relationship, since the average of the meaning of a word in the data set is used. But this gap will be reduced when the words of the document set are used consistently in a predominant context.

08/16/2021: 2021 State of Electronic Discovery
45% of legal departments reported an increase in legal disputes as a result of the COVID pandemic, while only 7% reported a decrease.

08/17/2021: Does Zoom violate the GDPR?
Hamburg’s data protection commissioner yesterday issued a press release saying he had warned the city government of his use of the on-demand version of Zoom. The Commissioner considers that Zoom does not comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

08/18/2021: session opening protocol
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used for real-time communications. It can be used for VoIP phone calls, and is also used for messaging and video conferencing. Functions can be turned on and off as needed during a session.

19/8/2021: UltraRecherche
UltraSearch is designed to search for files and content in multiple directories on multiple drives. It does not create a searchable index, but instead uses the Windows file management system master file table.

08/20/2021: Legal Operations
Legal operations is a new area to which in-house legal advisers have recently given greater priority. The goal of legal operations is to provide better quality legal services at a lower cost.

08/21/2021: Apple Watch
Apple Watch sync will not include:
1.Credit card information used for Apple Pay
2. SMS
3. the device password.

08/22/2021: Limit of the Analytics classification index
Note that for classification analysis indexes used for assisted review, Relativity recommends that a data source (the searchable set of documents on which the conceptual analysis will be run) contains no more than 9 million documents.

08/23/2021: Rule of thumb for the crawl index training data source
Note that the RelativityOne Analysis Guide (available here) provides an indication of when it will be necessary to add new material to a training package. With up to 5,000 new documents, it may not be necessary to update the training data source, if you have a total of more than one million documents in the data source. However, if 100,000 documents are added, the training dataset must be updated for the crawl index because the likelihood that the new addition contains new concepts increases.

08/24/21: Training data source warning
An index statistics report will display several fields of interest, but pay special attention to the “Average document size in words” field. This lists the average number of words in each document in the training dataset. The value must be between 120 and 200. A number less than this range may indicate a problem with the training data source.

08/25/2021: Changing the Relativity Default Settings on the Server
Relativity allows you to change default settings by changing instance settings in SQL Server Management Studio application

08/26/2021: How to escape backslashes
Just use two backslashes in a row, because a backslash is used to escape other characters used in Regex syntax.

08/27/2021: RegEx searches for data between two strings
first string. *? second string

08/28/2021: Deleted iMessages Won’t Gone
Note that even after deleting a text message on an iPhone, it is still temporarily stored on the device. An iPhone uses a database to track texts. A text deleted by the user will be checked as such in the database.

08/29/2021: Don’t let Windows autoplay
Make sure your Windows operating system is not configured to automatically run files found on flash drives, memory cards, smartphones, and tablets. Files on these devices can install unwanted malware without warning.

08/30/2021: words with numbers omitted from the Relativity Analysis Index
When Relativity fills an analytical index, it will not include any words starting with a number. So, for example, 7zip or 4ever, will be omitted from an analytical index.

08/31/2021: Automatically assign letters to files
Be aware that Bulk Rename Utility can be used to assign letters to a set of files. In the Numbering section, click the drop-down menu for “Type,” which has “Base 10 (decimal)” by default. Change the setting to ‘A -Z’.


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