Shyft Group secures pre-order for Blue Arc all-electric delivery vans

Blue Arc EV Solutions, a new marketing brand from the Shyft Group, debuted in March with the industry’s first purpose-built electric vehicle chassis, an all-electric Class 3 delivery van; and a fully portable remote-controlled charging station, the Power Cube. Today, Shyft announced the first pre-order of its Class 3, 4 and 5 all-electric delivery vans from Randy Marion Automotive Group.

“I am extremely proud of the work done by the Shyft team to position Blue Arc EV Solutions to meet customer needs,” said Shyft CEO Daryl Adams. “Since inception just 14 months ago, we have had confidence in our EV utility vehicle design, having served last mile delivery customers for nearly 50 years.”

After receiving government approvals by this winter, Shyft plans to finalize a multi-year purchase order with Randy Marion for pre-ordered vans, begin production in the Midwest and begin delivery to Randy Marion in mid-2023. . Fleet customers will be able to pre-order online or at dealerships starting in September.

Leveraging a scalable design, the full Blue Arc EV lineup is available in Class 3 through Class 5 van configurations with body length options from 12′ to 22′. Designed for high-frequency last-mile delivery fleets, these vehicles are powered by lithium-ion batteries that can deliver up to 150 miles of range at 50% payload in parcel mode with optional extended range packs available . Additionally, multiple chassis wheelbase options at 178″, 190″, 208″ and 230″ will support different applications. With these options, Shyft customers can maximize productivity and minimize ownership costs, including fuel and maintenance costs.

Using insights from Shyft’s work-oriented design process, these electric vans feature spacious cargo space and offer a choice of professional packages specifically designed for functionality. The use of lightweight aluminum and a composite body design provides greater durability against scratches and dents while supporting modular repair. The delivery van also includes an integrated solar roof assembly for powering auxiliary systems such as heating and air conditioning, making it a viable option for extreme weather conditions.

With a strong focus on the end user, Blue Arc incorporates vehicle and driver safety technologies such as 360° cameras, large in-dash HD camera screens and proximity sensors, as well as as a keyless and automated entry. The delivery van is also easy to drive and offers ease of entry/exit for last mile deliveries with multi-stop routes.

“It’s amazing, but no surprise to our team, that a year ago we opened our new innovation center in Plymouth to work on our EV solutions, and now we’re making that vision a reality for our customers with pre-orders for not only Class 3 and 4, but also the Class 5 electric vehicle,” said Eric Fisher, senior vice president and general manager of Shyft Innovations.

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