Solaris presents its articulated hydrogen bus and its electric midibus at the Next Mobility Exhibition 2022 in Milan

Solaris presents its hydrogen articulated bus and its electric midibus at the Next Mobility Exhibition 2022 in Milan.

At the Next Mobility international trade fair, which took place from October 12 to 14, 2022 in Milan, Solaris Bus & Coach presented its two latest vehicles. The articulated hydrogen bus which was launched in September this year will be exhibited for the first time in Italy.

In addition, the producer presents the battery-powered Urbino 9 LE electric midibus that otherwise daily transports passengers in Bolzano.

Solaris has been committed to e-mobility for many years, focusing its development activities on zero-emission solutions that are respectful of city dwellers. To date, the manufacturer has delivered and ordered more than 2,500 electric buses for operators providing public transport services in nearly 120 European cities.

Its wide range of vehicles, which emit zero exhaust emissions and are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, is Solaris’ answer to the varied needs of European transporters.

The Next Mobility Exhibition is a new professional event organized for the first time in Milan. The exhibition focuses on public and collective transport, and in particular on low and zero emission solutions. It is a networking platform bringing together carriers, car manufacturers, technology providers and developers of innovative and sustainable mobility policies.

Solaris welcomes you to its Stand No. C52 C60 in Hall 10 with its two latest zero-emission vehicles on display: the Urbino 18 hydrogen articulated bus and the Urbino 9 LE electric midibus.

Hydrogen novelty

The hydrogen-powered articulated bus presented at the Next Mobility Exhibition was launched on September 14, 2022. It is actually the second hydrogen-powered bus in Solaris’ zero-emissions offering. As with the shorter version, the primary power source for this vehicle is hydrogen. With this 18-meter model, the manufacturer is responding to the growing market for vehicles of this type.

The heart of the Urbino 18 hydrogen bus is an advanced fuel cell that acts as a miniature hydrogen power plant. The hydrogen is transformed by the fuel cell into electricity which is then transferred to the drive train. Solaris’ new vehicle does not have a conventional engine bay as it has been fitted with a modular drive system.

The space thus saved allowed the bus manufacturer to increase the passenger capacity of the vehicle. Also, by eliminating the engine compartment, more space was created on the roof, where lightweight composite hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 51.2 kg were fitted.

The use of a modular drive also facilitates maintenance because its main components are now accessible from the ground. Mounted in the articulated bus, the Solaris batteries with a capacity of approximately 60 kWh serve as an auxiliary power source, used for example during accelerations or for storing recovered energy. Complete refueling of the vehicle takes about 20 minutes.

With applied hydrogen technology and an increased number of new lightweight hydrogen tanks, the all-new bus will perform perfectly on longer journeys. It will be able to travel about 350 km on a single charge in various weather conditions.

Depending on the configuration, the bus will be able to carry up to 140 passengers. The latest model can be homologated as both a Class I and Class II vehicle, allowing it to be deployed on intercity routes.

As standard, the new model will have a cabin air conditioning system with heat pump. When it comes to additional features, customers can choose from a variety of solutions, for example, they can opt for ADAS, i.e. advanced driver assistance systems such as MirrorEye or MobilEye Shield+.

The 12-meter version of the Solaris Urbino hydrogen bus was launched in 2019. Since then, almost 100 hydrogen buses have already been delivered to customers in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland.

New deliveries to customers in Spain, France, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, among other countries, will begin soon. The first deliveries of the 18-meter articulated vehicle will be possible from the second quarter of 2023.

The Urbino 9 LE electric bus – flexible and reliable

The Solaris Urbino LE electric bus is a 9-meter low-slung electric vehicle designed in such a way that it can be adapted for Class I or Class II homologation requirements. Thus, the bus provides an excellent connection between the urban and suburban road network through sprawling agglomerations.

The Urbino 9 LE electric vehicle is equipped with a central electric motor with a power of 220 kW. The drive system of this model is powered by energy from a Solaris High Energy battery pack with a capacity of over 260 kWh. The batteries can be charged via a pantograph or a plug-in connection.

Despite its compact dimensions, the vehicle can accommodate a significant number of seats, most of which are forward-facing. The spacious and air-conditioned interior of the bus can accommodate 30 comfortable seats and, in addition, 4 folding seats. Six seats are accessible from the low floor. The modernized design provides more headroom in the back of the bus, which improves the quality of the trip.

At the same time, thanks to its compact dimensions, the bus will not only perform brilliantly in cramped urban spaces, but also on steep climbs and sharp bends in the mountains. The stylish vehicle offers a variety of amenities for urban passengers, for example, a comprehensive passenger information system, USB charging ports and aesthetic LED lighting.

Since its launch in 2021, the Solaris Urbino 9 LE electric bus has been attracting more and more customers. To date, the company has received orders for this type of bus from carriers in Germany, Spain, Italy and Poland.

Normally, the model on display is part of the fleet of the Italian carrier SASA Bolzano. This particular customer has opted to purchase eight such vehicles, and one of them is currently on display at the Milan show.

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Solaris presents its hydrogen articulated bus and its electric midibus at the Next Mobility Exhibition 2022 in Milan, on October 13, 2022

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