Sony exhibits at CES® 2022

Next to take the stage was Tom rothman, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group, to talk about PlayStation Productions, a collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Interactive Entertainment to produce movies and TV series based on PlayStation IP. Tom holland, who stars in the film adaptation of “Uncharted” by PlayStation Productions, and Neil Druckmann, co-president of game development studio Naughty Dog, spoke about the importance of collaboration.

Following, Jim ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, announced the next-generation virtual reality system “PlayStation VR2” and the new “PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers” which will achieve an unprecedented experience and a feeling of immersion in the world of games. Additionally, he announced the latest in the “Horizon” series, “Horizon Call of the Mountain”, which was a huge hit worldwide, as an exclusive title for “PlayStation VR2”.

Yoshida then returned to the stage to highlight the tracking technology of Sony group company Hawk-Eye Innovations and Sony’s partnership with Manchester City Football Club to deliver next-gen fan communities in the virtual space. .

Yoshida concluded her presentation by talking about the latest advancements and the future direction of VISION-S, an initiative that aims to contribute to the evolution of mobility. He said that “Sony is well positioned as a ‘creative entertainment company’ to redefine mobility,” and announced that Sony will form an operating company “Sony Mobility Inc”. in the spring of 2022, through which the company intends to explore the entry into the electric vehicle market.

Main products and technologies presented
Under the theme “Co-Creating the Future of Entertainment”, Sony will showcase various technologies and initiatives that support creators and connect with users at its booth at Las Vegas and the “Sony Square” online platform.

Highlights of the Sony booth at Las Vegas:
A prototype (VISION-S 01), which is tested on public roads, and an SUV-type prototype vehicle (VISION-S 02) as a new form factor will be on display. For more details, please refer to the press release and to the special website on VISION-S.
Press Release:
Special site:

• Airpeak S1
Sony’s “Airpeak S1” professional drone, which has now started sales in the United States, will be on display. Airpeak S1 is the world’s smallest drone that can be fitted with a full-size mirrorless Alpha â„¢ camera* 1. It features a proprietary engine, propeller, control system and sensing technology that provides great agility and dynamic, precise flight.

• Playstation®5
PlayStation®5 takes gamers to worlds of play with unprecedented speed, visual fidelity and sensor immersion. The PS5 is equipped with an ultra-fast SSD, integrated custom I / O, Tempest 3D AudioTech technology and DualSenseMT Wireless controller with advanced haptic technology and adaptive triggers. A collection of the five galaxy-inspired color variations for console cases and the DualSense wireless controller will also be featured on the site.

• LED crystal theater
A large Crystal LED will be installed at the entrance of the stand, displaying content that showcases Sony’s latest innovations in areas such as virtual production and the future of sports entertainment.

  • “Virtual production”: a filmmaking technology that stimulates the creativity of creators
    Virtual production frees creators from various shooting restrictions, such as location, weather, and time, by implementing a production environment that integrates the background image with the subject in time. real. The combination of Crystal LED, which projects high definition background images with high contrast and rich color reproduction, and the cinema camera “VENICE“, which achieves high resolution and delicate representations, stimulates the creativity of creators and increases freedom of expression.
  • The Future of Sports Entertainment: Hawk-Eye Tracking Systems and Virtual Fan Engagement
    Hawk-Eye Innovations, a Sony Group company, has advanced innovation in the sports world through its sports refereeing and broadcast enhancement technology. Their latest achievement was the introduction of new skeletal tracking and data visualization systems. These systems can instantly and accurately track athlete and object movements from live game video captures, collect skeletal data, and virtually recreate the live action.
    Sony is also leading a PoC (proof of concept) with Manchester City Football Club to create a next-generation global online fan community that integrates the physical and virtual worlds. The PoC will leverage Sony’s image analysis and sensing technology, along with Hawk-Eye tracking systems, to explore creating new forms of entertainment to engage sports fans around the world whole.

• Aiming to create spatially inspired experiences: STARSPHERE
With the University of Tokyo and JAXA, Sony is promoting “STARPHERE,” a project to create inspiring space experiences. Sony will be exhibiting for the first time a mock-up of a nano-satellite equipped with Sony’s camera equipment, scheduled for launch in fiscal year 2022. Using a shooting simulator, users can control the satellite to capture the earth and stars exactly as they planned. “STARPHERE” aims to generate new value and deliver inspiring experiences by enriching people’s perspectives on space, and will engage in co-creation with various creators and partners in this field in the future.

Featured on the “Sony Square” online platform:
In addition to video coverage of his press conference and exhibitions in Las Vegas, Sony will also present videos of technologies and initiatives related to the sub-themes: “Empowering Creators”, “Building Fan Communities” and “Envision a Better Planet”. New Product Announcement Video for Sony 8K/4K A range of BRAVIA ® televisions and 360 Reality Audio live video performance will also be available.

• BRAVIA XR ™ TV range, featuring innovative XR Backlight Master Drive technology for new mini LED models
A new line of Mini LEDs is added to the BRAVIA XR TV series. Powered by Cognitive Processor XR â„¢, Sony’s unique signal processing technology, “XR Backlight Master Drive” precisely controls the Mini LED backlight for incredible dazzling lights and deep blacks in every corner of the big screen. The new BRAVIA XR â„¢ TV line delivers immersive viewing and gaming experiences shaped by combining deep picture and three-dimensional sound.

• Live streaming of 360 Reality Audio with Spatial Sound technology
360 Reality Audio live video performance from David Bowie’s “A reality tour in 360 Reality Audio”. The program reinvents historic live performance footage by combining spatial sound and imagery to deliver an increased sense of presence and immersion, and will be shown on January 6 at 4:00 p.m. (PST). *2

360 Spatial Sound technology allows listeners to experience realistic and immersive live performances.

* 1: Pilot a drone in United States is subject to federal laws and regulations. State and local ordinances may also apply to certain operations. When operating an aircraft, it is the responsibility of the pilot / remote operator to always comply with applicable laws, regulations and ordinances.

*2: This live broadcast of 360 Reality Audio can be played using headphones. It does not support speaker playback or personalized sound experiences.

SOURCE Sony Group Corporation

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